All You Should Know About Father’s Day

Father’s Day

Father’s Day as the name suggests is a day to celebrate our fathers. It is that time of the year when the markets and stores flood with great father’s day gifts and cards. It is the day where the fathers are honoured and pampered by their children. A woman named Sonora Smart Dodd who was raised by a widow with five other children wanted to establish an official day for the male parents that was similar to the Mother’s day. So, she went to places like local churches, the government, the shopkeepers and urged them to support her idea and she accomplished it.  It was then that the Father’s day came into existence. It was first celebrated on 19th June 1910, in Washington. It however, became a nationwide celebration only in the 1978 after Mother’s Day came into existence. Father’s day however is not given that much recognition by the people as Mother’s Day because, according to some people, fathers lack that extent of sentimental appeal as mothers.

Father’s Day
A Day Where Father’s Are Honored And Pampered By Their Children

Why do we celebrate Father’s Day?

Reason that we celebrate Father’s Day is to acknowledge and appreciate the sacrifices of our fathers who have given up all their dreams to make us smile, to fulfil every need of their families, to be there whenever we needed them. Our fathers, no matter what the problem was, have always been by our side. He is the one without whose advice and support we could not be in the place where we are today. We owe our every little achievement to our fathers. After our mothers, the fathers are the only ones who give up their own comfort and luxuries to look after our every demand. So, the Father’s Day is made to show our gratitude towards our fathers by dedicating the day solely to them. The kind of life that we the today’s generation lead, barely leaves us any time of respite let alone spending it with family. So on the Father’s Day, we by every means try to make time for our dear dads and celebrate them.

How is Father’s Day celebrated?

Different people celebrate Father’s Day differently. Some take their fathers to a movie, to a restaurant, to shopping, on a drive followed by a lunch etc. While some make handmade cards, get them little presents, cook their favourite dishes or just watch a movie together at home. No matter how little the celebration is, spending some time with them is the only intention. Time is the only gift that our parents appreciate the most.

Father's Day Celebration
Different Ways To Celebrate Father’s Day

What Can We Do on Father’s Day?

  • Wipe out the pressure- The best gift for father would be eliminating their daily life pressures. It can be getting up early, going for vegetable shopping, fixing a household stuff etc. Set them free of all the pressures. Let them relax for a day.
  • Give them time- Spend time with him and cherish your childhood moments, go through old family albums and recall every memorable event, play your favourite sport, watch his favourite movie and you will see your dad being elated.
  • Talk- Talking to him would mean so much not only to your dad but to you as well. With the growing responsibilities at work, we do not much communicate with our parents. Talk to them let them know about your work progress, about your future plans, about all the things that are going on in your life. Take their suggestions. Make them feel important, let them know that they and their advice mean so much to you. Listen to them. Listen to all what they have to say. They do not get their share from your life, understand it.
  • Plan a little surprise party- Think about the people he loves the most, food he likes the most, music he listens to the most. Get them together, add some embellishments to his room and order or bake his favourite cake. Keep these entirely a secret. Surprise him when he comes back from work or his evening stroll with all possible unique Father’s Day presents.  


Father’s day though have become for some people a day to proclaim their concern for their fathers on the social media regardless of how they behave or treat their fathers in real life. Social media should definitely not be the only medium of celebrating this day. Yes, show it to the world that you care for your parents and you give them time, but only if it matches the way you do in real.

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Show It To The World That You Care For Your Parents
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