6 Most In-Demand Jobs In The City


Choosing the career option of your interest is not enough. There are other factors that should be considered to find a rewarding career : money and professional growth. We have done a lot of research to create a list of jobs that are expected to pay well and have abundant opportunities. Let’s have a look at the top 10 jobs that will never get outmoded and make a smart decision about your career.

“Turn your passion into your profession”

  • Software Developer – In the era of technology, when every work is accomplished with the aid of computer technology, software and applications, the demand of software developers have increased.



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    In The Era Of Technology, The Demand For Software Developer Is Rising.
  • Nursing  Nursing is highly in demand nowadays. With the advancement of medical technology and sudden rise of lethal infections, the demand of nurses has increased. Every month 296,631 (approximately) jobs get posted and around 97,549 nurses get hired.



    The Health Sector Jobs Have Seen A Huge Rise In Employment.
  • Interpreters And Translators – Globalization increased the demand of interpreters and translators to facilitate the communication between individuals. Interpreters deal with spoken communication and translators deal with written communication. Every month 63,600 (approximately) jobs get posted.



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    Interpreters And Translators Who Know Languages Are High In Demand.
  • Market Research Analyst – In order to develop strategies, market research analyst study the trends of local, national and international market. A market research analyst must have good analytical skills.



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    Market Research Analyst Should Have Good Analytical Skills, Image Source: careerprofiles.info
  • Dietitians – Dietitians are in high demand nowadays as “every one in four people are conscious about their health”. Dietitians provide diet charts depending upon the health condition.



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    Dietitians And Nutritionist Are Most In Demand As Most Of The People Are Health Conscious.
  • Event Planner – With the increasing trend of event planning, you can make a career in one of the most interesting arenas. Organizations and corporate houses hire event planners for organizing meetings and seminars. Every month 94,200 (approximately) jobs get posted.


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    Event Planner Jobs Have Increased With The Choice Of Working in Most Interesting Arenas
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