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An air pollutant is an ingredient in the air that can have hostile effects on living beings and the environment. They could be solid elements, liquid drips or gases; natural or man-made. Pollutants are categorized as primary or secondary. The primary toxins are shaped from a certain procedure, such as ash from a volcanic explosion, carbon monoxide gas from automobile exhaust or the sulfur dioxide discharged from industrial units.

The secondary toxins are not emanated directly. They originate in the air when primary toxins retort or intermingle. Ground level ozone is a protuberant illustration of secondary toxins. Some poisons can be defined as both primary and secondary, as they are both emanated directly and molded from other primary poisons.

air pollution assignment help

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Air Pollution- An Overview

Air pollution is studied under environmental studies and is basically defined as the chemical change in the atmosphere where the air is polluted via different sources. Air pollution affects the atmosphere and the climate substantially. The focus of this subject basically is on the air quality, health, and climate in different parts of the world. Studying this topic in the university requires a lot of data handling and hours of study.

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Assignments on such a topic requires working with huge data sets from different geographical locations and then work on it. In addition to that, extensive research has to be carried out to get the accurate stats for the given assignment question.

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