Accounting Concepts

Accounting concepts are a set of rules that provide a basic framework to the financial reports created by companies. As financial reporting involves significant professional judgments by accountants, it becomes extremely important to get them right. Accountants must therefore actively consider whether the accounting treatments adopted are consistent with the accounting theories and principles.

Proper maintenance of the company's records ensures its healthy well-being and secures its survival for a long time. Thus, there are certain rules and concepts which must be understood beforehand to ensure the well-being of the company's accounts. Accounting concepts are taught at the various stages in the academics, each focusing on the different areas of the business. A student enrolling for an accounting course must go through the accounting concepts as they form the base of any accounting subjects. The students often face problems when they first come across the subject as they in their earlier academic pursuit are oblivious to this field of study. Therefore, they face problem with the subject. The assignment as especially taxing, so we at EssayCorp provide accounting concept help at a price that is unparalleled by the quality we offer.

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Sometimes Accounting Concepts Can Be Difficult To Comprehend

Given the mathematical and the financial nature of the subject it is only logical to postulate that students struggle with this subject. There are many different types of accounts that the student needs to understand. Under one particular subject of accounts like cost accounting; there are numerous concepts. All these create problems for the student. And like mathematics, this subject too requires impeccable precision in calculations and a complete dedication of concentration. But don’t fret, accounting is not as bad as it looks, as long as these few things are kept in mind. And if you require any accounting concepts help you can approach us, we are EssayCorp, the premier assignment and homework help website.

Accounting Concepts
Decibels of Accounting
Decibels of Accounting

Over time accounting has branched into many sub-segments, this mainly attributes to the evolution of business processes which has changed rapidly during the past few decades. All these branches of accounting have their own significance and need to be studied by a commerce or management graduate.

The major decibels of accounting are; financial accounting, cost accounting, managerial accounting, taxation accounting, government accounting, etc. These branches can be studied separately as a certification course or all in one as part of a graduate program.

Example of Some Accounting Concepts by Our Experts

Below are some of the accounting concepts by our experts

  1. Going Concern: Apart from the situation wherein the company's management wishes to liquidate the company or put an end to trading, all the financial accounts of the organisation must be based on the going concern basis.
  2. Business Entity: It works on the simple accounting concepts of keeping the personal and professional life separate. Any loss or profit incurred by the owner can't be treated as the loss or profit of the business itself.
  3. Money Measurement: The accounts are maintained in a measurable form, i.e. all calculations are made on the basis of money and other factors such as the market condition and the competition are kept out of the company accounts.
  4. Past Cost: Any asset, owned by the company, can't be taken at the present cost. While mentioning in the accounts, the cost of the asset must be the real cost at which it was purchased and not the present cost.
  5. Materiality: The immaterial amounts occurring due to small expenses such as postage and cleaning expenses can be clubbed together with other expenses. These need not be mentioned separately. A separate mention of these expenses would elongate the accounting activity, making it cumbersome.
  6. Objectivity: The accounts are meant to showcase the real condition of the company. The accounting information must be unbiased. All the information mentioned in the accounting statements must be backed with adequate proofs such as invoices.
  7. Consistency: The accounting methods must not be altered frequently. Once the company has chosen a certain method of maintaining the accounts, it must stick to it for a considerable period of time. Any change, if brought, must only be on the basis of superiority of the new accounting concepts while ensuring that it highlights the actual situation of the company without presenting a false rosy picture to please the higher management.
  8. Accruals: The definition of revenue and expense must be clear. Receiving of cash can't be termed as earned revenue. Likewise, the act of paying the cash can't be termed as an expense.

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