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US Taxation Assignment Help

Taxation is an important field of study, it provides the learner with an in-depth insight into the subject and also provides the tool to skilfully scrutinize it in one's own advantage or for someone else or some organization. The process of learning the subject can sometimes be cumbersome because of the intrications involved with the subject.

The neediest for smart tax evaluators and calculators are increasing at a rapid rate, which has attracted a wide range of students from different educational background to this field of study. This subject can at times be a little taxing on the students as it involves many concepts and they have to be applied in sync to come up with a satisfactory solution. The assignment in taxation is especially important as it holds a great weightage in the student's final grade. The student often times struggle with the assignment on this subject because of the nature of it. We at EssayCorp provide US taxation assignment help at a very reasonable rate so that the success of a student is not decided by just a mere assignment. Our writers are professional chartered accountants and working professionals who are adept in US taxation.

us taxation assignment help

Type Of US Taxes And Complications In The Subject


Income Tax:

The federal government of the US relies to a great extent on the funding of different activities on the income tax. It is a type of direct tax as it is directly imposed on the earning of the people if they fall in the tax bracket. This tax is quite complex to calculate as it involves many deductions and many sources of income need to be incorporated. Therefore, if you face trouble with the US taxation or you just have some other engagement that needs your attention, you can avail our US taxation assignment help services at a very affordable price.

Income Tax
Sales Tax
Sales Tax:

It is a tax levied by the state government; this tax varies from state to state. There are states that do not charge income tax, in those states the sales tax is much higher. This tax is applied when you purchase a product and is collected by the merchant. Sales tax is not applicable on all the product, in some states product that comes in the category of food and clothing are exempt from sales tax. Eating in a restaurant does not come under the category of food but the service is taxable.

Excise Taxes:

This tax is levied by the US government on specific goods like gasoline. This type of tax may be already included in the price of the product. There may be other things that can be included in the excise tax like the tax on activities like wagering or the tax imposed on the usage of highways by trucks. This type of tax is not directly paid by the consumer; it is generally imposed on the producer of goods or services.

Excise Taxes
Payroll Taxes
Payroll Taxes:

It is a tax charged as a percentage of the income of the individual. It is a major source of revenue of the government with which it funds programmes like social security, unemployment compensation, workers compensation, and health care. Payroll taxes are a type of income tax and there are many different deductions that can be claimed under it. A student needs to pay close attention while computing the payroll tax, the assignments can be a bit confusing for the student, so he or she can seek our US taxation assignment help.

The Tabular Representation Of The 2016-17 Tax Rates
Tax rate Single Head of household
10% Up to $9,325 Up to $13,350
15% $9,326 to $37,950 $13,351 to $50,800
25% $37,951 to $91,900 $50,801 to $131,200
28% $91,901 to $191,650 $131,201 to $212,500
33% $191,651 to $416,700 $212,501 to $416,700
35% $416,701 to $418,400 $416,701 to $444,550
39.6% $418,401 or more $444,551 or more
Tax rate Married filing jointly/ Qualifying widow Married filing separately
10% Up to $18,650 Up to $9,325
15% $18,651 to $75,900 $9,326 to $37,950
25% $75,901 to $153,100 $37,951 to $76,550
28% $153,101 to $233,350 $76,551 to $116,675
33% $233,351 to $416,700 $116,676 to $208,350
35% $416,701 to $470,700 $208,351 to $235,350
39.6% $470,701 or more $235,351 or more

Problems Students Face With US Taxation Assignment Help

In the above table, the tax rate of the US for the year 2016-17 is presented. By the first look, the calculation of tax looks easy, but there are many things involved in the computation of income tax, a student needs to be aware of the various deductions, he or she must be aware of how to assess the different source of income, what all income are taxable, etc. A general book on taxation, like the Federal Income Taxation by Marvin A. Chirelstein consist of 414 pages. A student can struggle with the subject because of the plethora of content on the subject, the assignments on the subject can be especially taxing on the student. The students face difficulty with the assignments because of the numerical problems involved in the subject. A lapse in the concentration or even the slightest error can result in a wrong answer. Assignments are of significant importance when it comes to the academic assessment of the student and it cannot be overlooked, therefore we at EssayCorp provide the best US taxation assignment help. We have been providing this service for years now. We have a highly adept team of writers who are available 24/7 to get your assignments done.

Why Choose Essaycorp And Our US Taxation Assignment Help

EssayCorp is a globally acclaimed assignment help website.

  1. The firm has a large team of professionals and efficient writers who make tailor-made assignments that would suit your requirements.
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  6. The assignments they offer are for basic to the advanced level thesis, dissertations, reports, research, projects, and the like.

EssayCorp helps students to grow with them, and learn from their experts. Log-in with us now and see the difference for sure.

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