World Tsunami Awareness Day 2018

World Tsunami Awareness Day 2018

The year 2015 came up with the nomination of the date 5th November as the World Tsunami Awareness Day by the General Assembly of the UN. This particular day was initiated to enhance and stretch the basic awareness among the people globally. On 5th November 2016, the first Tsunami Awareness Day was framed and celebrated where numerous significant events took place such as Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) and Ministerial Conference for Disaster Risk Reduction etc.

How does Tsunami affect the lives of people?

A Tsunami is a course of gigantic waves formed because of an undersea volcanic eruption, earthquake or landslide. At the time of abrupt fluctuation and shift in the actual position of the ocean floor these events take place as the water waves can jump and turn into Tsunami. It is a fact that Tsunamis can jump up to 500 miles per hour. Tsunami can drastically impact the lives of people despite they are rare. People living in coastal areas are highly surrounded by the risk of Tsunami. In 2004, the Indian Ocean earthquake-tsunami stemmed and caught nearly five million people in 15 countries.

The primary impact of Tsunami is the loss of human life. Tsunami can cause flash death generally by drowning as it does not give any time to escape. Large buildings collapse, electrocution etc. are such horrible events that can occur because of Tsunami. From the year 1850 to till now Tsunamis has had took away the lives of almost 430,000 people around the world. In March 2011 Tsunami killed approximately 18,550 people in Japan. There are many other discomforts and risks that occur because of Tsunami such as blocked water supplies, impure and contaminated water, diseases like malaria, infections, damaged sewer systems, damaged crops and homes etc. Tsunami tends to destroy and finish anything coming their way. Buildings, cars, power lines, bridges, people all can be impacted badly because of Tsunami waves.

Significance of World Tsunami Awareness Day

world tsunami awareness day

Natural disaster sees no physical boundaries hence; the efforts should be made to aware people globally about the risks associated with Tsunami. World Tsunami Awareness Day is a great time to enhance our knowledge and awareness regarding Tsunamis. On this particular day government organizes various events and programs that educate people to take preventive measures to avoid worst case scenarios. People are required to participate in such helpful events taking place at National and International level so that they can be aware about such things. UN suggested 5th of November as the official day to increase public awareness in regard to Tsunami.

What’s new in 2018?

Each year World Tsunami Awareness Day rolls out a fresh theme which focuses on improving present situation and cognizing people about risks of Tsunami. In the year 2018, World Tsunami Awareness Day will line up with the International Day for Disaster Reduction and the “Sendai Seven Campaign.” It all will be focusing on Target “C” of the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction that intends to reduce the direct disaster economic loss in terms of GDP.


Prevention and education will prove to be the most significant elements in stoppage of the risks associated with Tsunami. Efforts should be made at each and every level to make the general people aware about the hazards of Tsunami and they should be provided with proper self-help knowledge that can aid them during the abrupt and accidental situations.

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