The World Environment Day- Origin And Other Facts

The World Environment Day – Origin And Other Facts

What do we mean by the world environment day? Well, as the name suggests, it is a day to celebrate our environment or nature. It is celebrated across the world since 5th June 1973. The idea of the World Environment Day was conceived with the purpose of raising awareness among the masses of the significance of a healthier and greener environment.
Coming to the World Environment Day history, it was established with the aim of commemorating it every year through some environmental campaigns by the United Nations Environment Programme and United Nations General Assembly in a conference that concerned Human Environment which started on 5th June and ended on 16th June 1972 in the United Nations. Since then, the World Environment Day is celebrated in different cities of the world.

Significance Of The World Environment Day

Our environment as we all know is being sabotaged by many factors today. The rising greed and inclination towards urbanisation makes our environment endure much exploitation. There are three main natural resources that are the most misused and ironically the most important for a life are trees, water and air. There are numerous trees that are cut down in a day by the manufacturing sectors and construction sectors across the world. Forests are cleared in a huge number for the construction of buildings, metro stations, malls etc. We often see in roads huge tankers of water without lids from where it is more likely for the water to overflow, repairing leaky faucets is one of the tasks that we pay the least attention to, there are numerous instances of water wastage that one can find. Air pollution such as the harmful gas from factories, cars, crackers etcetera are the most catastrophic sources in nature. In spite of being aware of the importance of greenery on earth, people turn oblivious when it comes to their own benefit.

So, the World Environment Day serves the purpose of making people aware of the conditions of the environment and the things that require to be done to fix them. It aims at inflicting certain habits in the regular life of the people like switching off the electronics when not in use, saving water, car-pooling and many more through campaigns, rallies etc. Paying heed to the nature or being concerned towards the environmental protection should obviously not limit only to the World Environment Day, but the day serves as a source of alarming people to understand the nature and value it and do everything that is possible to save our environment. Also, it encourages people from different communities to come and volunteer in the celebrations.

Environment Day Celebration

Environment Day activities vary from person to person. Some like to participate in rallies while others like to plant a sapling. There are huge campaigns held in places to spread awareness about the importance of our environment, people organise street plays, participate in various rallies holding banners saying happy environment day and other environmental quotes, slogans, messages, students are encouraged in taking up environmental engineering as a subject etc.
There are schools which hold environment day activities that concern environmental conservation. The children participate in rallies that take tour of the locality, they plant saplings, participate in face painting competitions, perform stage plays, take part in debates etc.
But, being a common man who does not get much time to participate in such activities, what they can do on the World Environment Day? The answer is as simple as incorporating environment friendly habits in themselves and in their close ones as well. Fix the faucet that has been dripping water since a week, why not use a mug and a bucket to wash the car, why not double check the electronics whether they are switched off before leaving the house or office, why not teach your children to be gentle towards the street animals?. These are the most basic but important daily life issues that require our attention. It is us who bother the nature, so why not own up to it?

Some Environment Day Slogans

Slogans- By EssayCorp
The Various Environment Day Slogans
  • Save environment save life
  • Say no to environment abuse
  • Go green
  • Save paper save trees
  • Keep the forests for the animals
  • Let’s take a step a towards a greener earth
  • Listen carefully; mother nature calls for help
  • My earth my home
  • It’s never too late so start from today and make your environment worth living.
  • Let the next generation breath in a greener earth.
  • Be compassionate towards the nature
  • Say no to polybags
  • Plant a tree today
  • Forget car, cycle is cool


When a forest is cleared, a lot of animals are left without their abode, when we pollute a river we put the marine life in danger, when we dispose garbage on roads we let the street animals feast on the polybags. So, it’s not only the human lives that a human puts in danger, but also the lives of numerous animals as well. So, the World Environment Day aims at spreading awareness of all the environmental issues that the earth goes through today. We as the inhabitants of earths should take responsibility of meeting the needs of its well-being.

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