Help Change An Old Belief Today On World AIDS Day

Help Change An Old Belief Today On World AIDS Day

Thirty-five million People Are Victims Of AIDS.

This count was done in December 2015.

The Fifth Most Dangerous Disease.

AIDS was first diagnosed in 1988. But it had been killing people way before it. Since people didn’t know about it, they could not find or create a cure for it. Now that we have grown in our technology and knowledge, we have been able to create medicines to prolong the life of an AIDS patient.

World Aids Day
Aids could be cured

What Is Aids?

Also known as Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. AIDS can be transmitted sexually, through blood contact and nursing. AIDS starts from HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) which is a more mild stage. This is before AIDS, AIDS comes when HIV worsens. If an HIV patient takes the medicines provided, there is a high chance that it just stays HIV and does not become AIDS. The medicines have been developed to help keep the patient’s health better. These medicines stop the virus from developing further and keep other viruses away.

Life Of An AIDS Patient

Getting the medications is not enough for an AIDS patient. The patient still has to suffer, not just because of the virus, but even because of the people. There is a term called AIDS stigma, which means that an AIDS patient suffers from prejudice and discrimination. An AIDS patient ends up losing his job, his friends, society, home and even his family. This happens because people believe that AIDS spreads by touching or just being near an AIDS patient. Which is not true. As mentioned above, AIDS spreads only three ways.

  • If your mother was an AIDS patient. It may have passed on to you.
  • If you have shared a needle or come in contact with an AIDS patient’s blood.


  • If you have had sexual contact with an AIDS patient.

THAT’S IT! AIDS doesn’t spread any other way, but the backward thinking has forced AIDS patients to leave their homes, their jobs and their societies.

This inequality and discrimination was brought up as a major concern. United Nations AIDS was started to help AIDS patients around the world. In nineteen ninety-one twelve artists came together to find a way to spread AIDS awareness and call people together to help make AIDS patient's life better. They came up with the idea of red ribbon and the way it looks.

This is a day that calls people to spread the word about how AIDS is not contagious and AIDS patients need to be accepted and not be removed from society. UNAIDS wants everyone to be part of the movement and help people learn and understand about AIDS. Prevent it from happening to them and others.

Go to and help them spread the word. To help those who need your help. Open people’s minds and bring AIDS patients back to their homes.



World AIDS Day awareness
AIDS Awareness among youth is very important.
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