When Will Australia Open Borders For International Students?

When Will Australia Open Borders For International Students?

According to the data provided by the Australian government, there are almost 600,000 international students enrolled in various courses at numerous Universities in Australia. These students come from several countries such as China, India, Nepal, and Brazil to complete their studies at top-notch universities worldwide. Therefore, they register themselves in the top institutions of Australia like the University of Melbourne, the University of Sydney, and the University of Queensland.

These foundations help students to get a high-quality education from experienced tutors. While studying in these institutions, students get a chance to experience work-life as well. Therefore, it aids them in handling the pressure and workload to get focused on their work. After the influence of COVID-19 around the globe, apprentices are facing several challenges in pursuing their studies. They have to overcome numerous obstacles to get qualified in their respective subjects.

During the lockdown, students are unable to go to their colleges. Consequently, students from different countries return to their hometowns to keep in touch with their families and keep themselves safe and healthy. It’s been more than a year since they have not gone back to their colleges. Now, they are unable to go back to Australia due to travel restrictions by the Australian government. According to the latest information, Australia has not opened its borders yet to international students. In this article, we will talk about those travel restrictions and other issues faced by students.

Travel Instructions for International Students

Due to the COVID-19 impact, students started going to their home countries to keep themselves safe and secure. Various other issues make students go back to their hometowns. These reasons include student visa expiry, monetary problems, family support, and survival problems. Consequently, scholars resume their studies from their homes via multiple online platforms. But now, scholars want to get back to their colleges and recommence their studies on a full-time basis.

The Australian government said that there would be no entry for many students until the second half of the year 2022. However, students can not resume their studies as there are some travel restrictions for international students in Australia. In the following section, we are going to discuss some of these reasons briefly:

  1. The Australian government stated that there would be no entry for those students who do not carry an Approved International Student Arrival Plan from their educational institutions.
  2. Students need to get approval from their university or institutions to travel and complete their studies.
  3. Scholars also have to plan a travel exemption before applying for a visa. It is a requirement for international students if they want to travel to Australia.
  4. Final-year students and graduation researchers return to their colleges so that they can complete their practical work.
  5. Fully vaccinated students or travellers are allowed to travel after they complete medical tests.
  6. Students need to perform the necessary tests to make sure they are unaffected by the coronavirus.
  7. They also have to self-isolate themselves for more than seven days to stay away from public exposure.

Changes in Student Visa Due to COVID-19

The Australian government proposed that only those students who can apply for the student visa whose studies are affected due to the impact of COVID-19. It means that there is no application for new students who want to get themselves enrolled in Australian Universities. The administration also said that only those students who have their visas before February 19, 2020, can apply for the visa application. It is said that students are going to complete their studies in that academic year but are unable to do that.

Students have to complete their practical work and get the best grades from their professors to move further. Henceforth, students who want to complete their practical tasks and work-based training can apply for visas immediately. It will help them to proceed further to obtain better opportunities and achieve their aim. Students need to take care of several points while applying for a student visa. They have to fill in every piece of information very carefully to prevent their form from being rejected. Students are unable to apply for a fee waiver as they are not eligible for this. Only new students can apply for a fee waiver according to the administration guidelines.

Problems Suffered by International Students During COVID-19

Students face various difficulties while pursuing their studies in other countries. They have to face language barriers, and subject problems, unable to understand guidelines and instructions. They also encounter many challenges in completing assessments on their own. Consequently, they look for their assistance accordingly. The engineering students get themselves to avail of Engineering Assignment Help for 24*7 assistance via WhatsApp. But, the coronavirus is like a cherry on the cake of all problems. Students overcome several obstacles during the lockdown time in many ways. They have to sacrifice their studies, work life, lifestyle, and many more to keep themselves safe and secure from this virus. In this section, we are going to discuss some of the challenges that students face during the coronavirus pandemic:

  1. Students need to move back to their hometowns in between studies to keep themselves safe.
  2. They have to leave their regular lifestyle and get back to their previous world.
  3. Students will overcome survival issues if they decide to stay in Australia.
  4. Students are unable to go to their colleges to perform practical tasks.
  5. Learners are unable to work in a group for their projects and group discussions.
  6. They also get irritated and frustrated when they are unable to understand the subject due to network problems.
  7.  Due to the pandemic, students are unable to survive in Australia as everything is closed.


According to the reports, international students make up to 30% of the entire population in Australia. They bring a high amount of economic value to the economy of the Australian administration. Students are facing several issues in doing their practical work in various subjects like engineering and nursing. Therefore, they avail themselves of Assignment Help Australia to get rid of their assessments. The government is also facing issues along with the students. Therefore, the Australian government proposed to resume the International borders for the students. It will be beneficial for both the students and the government of Australia. Hence, students return to college for the accomplishment of their academic goals. It will aid them in covering their losses and achieving their aim successfully.

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