What is Linux Programming and Linux for Beginners?

Linux Programming

An operating system is a communication link between hardware and software. If an operating system is not present in any computational device then there will be no way to control the hardware and the software will also not function. One such operating system is Linux. It has been in use since the 90s and has had a user-base that extends to many industries and countries. Linux is widely used in computer architecture, servers and computer security systems. Ubuntu which is a popular operating system also runs on Linux. The idea of developing Linux arose in the mind of Linus Torvalds who was a computer science student.

Linux Basics

Linux is an open-source operating system and is absolutely free to use. It is based on the UNIX operating system and has been in active development since 1991. Linux is known to be a versatile operating system and is used throughout the world. Those who are new to this operating system may not find it easy to approach the structure of this operating system as it is unfamiliar to them. This operating system has a number of commands that can provide us with management of hard drives and information control. Mostly all the viruses do not run on Linux, but Windows.

Linux Operating System

This operating system is written in C programming language. There are a number of Linux distributions and these are commonly called distros. Some of the many Linux distros are Fedora, Ubuntu Linux, Linux Mint, Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Debian. Linux is most commonly used in servers and the internet is powered by about 90% of Linux servers. This is due to the fact that it is free, simple and fast. The use of windows servers involves cost as opposed to Linux servers. Android is also made of the Linux Kernel and the android operating system is used in almost 80% of the smartphones today.

Basic Linux file Commands

The basic Linux file commands are “Is”, “mkdir and rmdir”, “man & -help”, “mv”, “cp”, “locate”, “touch”, “pwd” and “cd”. “Is” is a command that is generally used to know what kind of files are present in the directory that you are currently in. On first opening the terminal one is in the home directory of the user.  The “pwd” command can be used to know the specific directory one is in. The “mkdir” command is made use of when one needs to create a directory or folder, whereas the “rmdir” is the command that is basically used to cancel or delete a directory. The “rm” command is most commonly used to delete directories and files. The “touch” command is generally used to create or make a file. To know more about a particular command and how to use it the “man” command is used. The “cp” command is used through the command lines to copy files. The “mv” command may be used to rename the files and it can also be used to move files through the command lines. The “locate” command is mainly used to locate a file in a Linux system, similar to the way we use the search command in Windows.

Best Programming Language for Linux

C is undoubtedly the best programming language for Linux. The time since it appeared Linux has been familiar with every programming language known to the man and not just very obvious programming languages like C++Java and, but also Fortran, COBOL, Pascal, C#, Lisp and many more. Linux is an open source operating system kernel, like its predecessor UNIX. A kernel is basically a program which is at the heart of any operating system.

Linux for Coding

Developers use Linux-based operating systems to create something new and to ensure that their work gets completed. The major concerns of the developers when choosing a Linux distro for programming are flexibility, stability, power and compatibility. Distros like Debian, and Ubuntu have established themselves as the top picks. Other great options are Arch Linux, openSUSE, etc. A distro is a computer software distribution package. Linux is a good option as a programming language as it is easy to install and it is free. Linux offers an ideal place to test your skills in case of programming.

Therefore, Linux offers a variety of benefits to programmers and others who use this operating system. A large number of developers choose the Linux operating system as it is free of cost and open-source and anyone who has programming knowledge can easily modify it. It is also a very secured system. There is not much difference between Linux and UNIX.

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