What do you mean by Human Resource Management

What Do You Mean By Human Resource Management

Gone are the days, when only a few numbers of employees are enough to run an organization. Employees give their best effort that helps the company to grow on a large scale. But, apart from the group of the managerial staff, there is also one department that plays a major role in carrying out all the major operations of the company, i.e., human resource (HR) management. The human resource management definition has changed in the present era as this department is also responsible for carrying out all the functions of the company. It usually deals with the recruitment of efficient candidates who can help the company to grow their business.

Human Resource Management

Human resource management is a department in an organization that is used to do various crucial functions such as finding, screening, and recruiting the job applicants who can help in increasing the business productivity. The main role of HR manager in an organization is to maximize the productivity of employees and maintaining a safe working environment condition. The main purpose of human resource management is to provide assistance to all other departments whether it is related to any professional or personal matters.

Major Functions Of HR Management

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The Major Functions Of HR Management

Human resource (HR) management is primarily concerned with the management of employees from their hiring to retirement. Though an HR management performs a diverse range of functions that helps the organization in a number of ways:

  • Recruitment and Selection: It is the major function of an HR management that deals with the process of screening and selecting competent candidates for a specific job profile. Recruitment and selection of the employees highly depend on the short term and long term goals of a company. This process is quite crucial for a company as it helps in attracting highly qualified applicants to apply for the job.
  • Orientation: It is another major function that must be followed by the HR management as it helps the employees to adjust themselves to the environment of the organization. This function also helps the employees to know their job profile, and the duties assigned to them. Moreover, it also motivates the employees to take part in other activities of the company.
  • Maintain good working conditions: The HR management must provide good and hygienic working environment to the employees so that the objectives of the company can be achieved in a more efficient manner.  Employees should be motivated from time to time so that they carry out their respective task effectively.
  • Managing Employees Relation: Employees relationship is another important function of HR management that helps in influencing the good behavior with each other. Several activities should be organized by the HR management that helps the company to know an employee at personal and professional level.
  • Training and Development: This function of HR management helps to improve the overall performance level of the employees by educating and giving knowledge to them on a related subject.

Objectives Of HR Management

Objectives Of HR Management
The Objectives Of HR Management

HR management is not only beneficial to an organization, but also for the employees who are working there at different designations. Let’s discuss about human resources management objectives in detail.

  • Organizational Objectives: The main objective of international human resource management is to provide benefit to the company in order to attain efficiency in their operations. The management also describes the key problems that must be taken care so that the task can be carried out in a more efficient way. It helps in generating company’s efficacy by hiring efficient candidates and training them that produces a great output for the company.
  •  Building Coordination: Another goal of HR management is to maintain an effective coordination between the various departments of the organization. The management must focus on the efficient use of the employees by taking good decisions regarding recruitment, rewards, and training that are quite consistent.
  • Personal Objectives: HR management has the responsibility to hire, develop, and maintain the employees so that the objectives of the company can be reached without any difficulty. But, this would only possible when the management is friendly and ready to help the workers to achieve their goals. The personal objective of the HR management is to create a work-life balance for the employees.
  • Societal Objectives: HR management must ensure that all the legal, ethical, and social environment concerns are resolved. The management must need to enhance company competitive advantage through various social strategies. This objective also includes issues like, equal pay and opportunity that should be taken into consideration by the management.

Role Of HR Management In An Organization

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Role Of HR Management In An Organization
  • Collaboration: The HR management and managerial staff work together in order to build employees skills. The main role of HR management is to assign employees to several roles in the organization, thus helps the company to grow business extensively. In the case of a flexible organization, employees are moved to various business functions that depend on the preferences of employees and business priorities.
  • Commitment Building: The human resource professionals also advise approaches to increase employee commitment in a company. The whole process starts with the selection of eligible candidates with the right profile in respect to their qualification. After they are hired, HR management must motivate them so that they are committed to their jobs.
  • Building Capacity: The HR professionals help in building the capacity of an organization so that it can provide better goods and service to the customers. It also helps in making the people stay committed for a long term.  


The human resource department can also be considered as a strategic function of a company that helps to create a competitive edge by engaging competent candidates that helps to grow the business better than ever. An effective selection of the employees can also help the company for a better decision making.

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