United Nations Day 2018 – Strengthen Peace and Harmony

United Nations Day 2018 – Strengthen Peace and Harmony

Observing the day when the United Nations was formed, United Nations Day cherishes and tributes all the work and pursuit they have commenced to encourage peace and harmony around the world and all the positivity carried forward by their network and structure of expert agencies. This particular day is celebrated on October 24th every year and specific events and functions are held all over the world.

History related with United Nations Day

After the hazardous results of the World War I, it was fated that there was an urgent need of a treaty in order to impede another world war and that is why the Treaty of Versailles was initiated. This particular treaty was signed on June 28th, 1919 in Versailles, France and it was fundamentally presumed to be a League of Nations to obstruct coming outbursts of war with an objective to boost the diplomatic solutions and to inspire negotiations among the countries. On the other hand it was expected to enhance the quality of life and living standard of people around the world. Though, League of Nations could not succeed in the prevention of World War II. It was then decided to adopt a different method and approach to sustain the peace in the world. The idea of forming the United Nations sprouted as an accurate solution in putting up a full stop to wars and problems. The United Nations charter was formally ratified on October 24, 1945. After three years in 1948, the U.N celebrated the United Nations Day for the very first time. U.N Resolution 2782 was approved in the year 1971 and it was also declared to observe United Nations Day as an international holiday. Presently this particular day observes all the undertakings which U.N delegates all around the world.

Four main purposes of the United Nations

  • UN focuses on the maintenance of peace and security worldwide
  • To form relationships among the other member nations
  • To nurture an ambience of communication amid nations
  • To cater a platform with an aim to bring countries together and to fulfill the objectives and goals of the U.N.

Customs and celebrations of United Nations Day

United Nations Day is celebrated with numerous of different events, exhibits, seminars, and meetings. The main purpose is to enhance the activities that depict the attainment of the U.N and support to depict certain goals take place. In reality this particular holiday holds an even strong purpose and aim– as showcased by all those who celebrate it. In schools the celebrations related to United Nations Day often comprise cultural performances, competitions, writing essays about the role of UN etc. Many schools also raise the flag of UN to show their respect. People also tend to participate in many social activities like helping needy and planting greenery around.

Final Thoughts

We all can contribute a bit from our sides as well. People around the globe can also cherish the United Nations Day in their own style. They can contribute their share by not just depicting and showing the respect towards the culture and tradition of their particular origin but they can enhance the significance of this day by learning other cultures and respect their traditions as well.

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