Tips To Understand Your PhD Dissertation Process

Tips To Understand Your Ph.D. Dissertation Process

Ph.D is a challenging course and so are the assignments that come in the student’s kitty. This course gives a hard time to students especially when they are assigned with PhD Dissertations. This is perhaps the most dreaded part of the entire Doctorate Degree Program but is often misunderstood and not dealt with the right approach.

Even those who view themselves as highly accomplished professionals find themselves in the need of obtaining higher education degree. PhD Dissertation is required to be given due time and thought to be accomplished with perfection. The below listed tips are going to make your dissertation writing process absolutely flawless:

  • Approach Your Immediate Academics Sources: Many students who are keen on standing out in their academic performance are more inclined towards seeking help from their professors / potential student. This approach not only saves their time but help the students to take advantage from someone’s learning. Getting in touch with those who are good in research help students to come up with a dissertation which is crucial to build a successful academic career. As a matter of fact, approaching a potential supervisor directly shouldn’t be given much thought.
  • Take Ownership: Ultimately it is your hard work, so don’t hesitate from taking ownership. Doesn’t matter if it is your research idea or you have taken reference from somewhere else; you have given your blood and sweat in completing the work and living by the research. There may be a case when your supervisor might differ in opinion; you can take the same as a direction to enhance your research. Stand by whatever you have studied, researched since this is the only way you can save yourself in viva.
  • Merge The Task Of Writing With The ResearchNo one likes to do a daunting task of writing 1000 words at a go. So the best way to go about the dissertation is by writing at the same time of research. Take each section as a different entity and give gaps while you are writing and connecting important pieces of your work namely the Introduction, Literature Review, Background, Methodology and Scoping Study, Conclusion etc.
  • Charge Up if You Start to Hate your Thesis: There will be times when you will start to hate your work. Well, that’s a mid-thesis crisis! If you think this is going negatively, stop thinking that ways! This is perfectly normal and people experience this ‘about to give up’ stage after competing two-third of the dissertation. When such a phase comes, take a break! Even PhD needs a holiday! During this try and do something different to put your brain at rest.
  • Get It Finished: Don’t hunt for perfection for long, since it tends to delay the completion. This situation can cause a lot of unrest if the deadline is approaching at a steadfast pace. Taking review and feedback from one reviewer is enough since showing the work to everyone will bring a large pool of thoughts that is further going to confuse you.
  • Don’t’ Dread It! Enjoy the Viva. This is an opportunity where the student gets to talk about the research, passion, and stand by what they have mentioned in the written piece.
  • Take The Pain; It Is Definitely Worth It: Don’t take such projects as a punishment because these are some of fruitful opportunity to research and enhance the horizon of knowledge. Submitting a thesis which is successful and believed by the reviewers becomes a source of reference which is a proud moment for any Ph.D aspirant.
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