Tips For Enhancing The Quality of Research Presentation

Tips For Enhancing The Quality of Research Presentation

A classroom presentation associated with research work is a daunting task as it becomes difficult to engage audience and discuss each point clearly. Here are few tips for students and researchers to make that the presentation is prepared and presented in most professional manner.

Make it Visually Appealing:

In a PowerPoint presentation, add multiple images and symbols along with animation and videos (if possible) to make the presentation attractive and interesting. Include the points in the form of bullets and use font size more than 24 points.

Know the Audience:

It the most important step before preparing the presentation as audience for research related presentation may be different from regular audience. One can include technical terms but still jargon should be used carefully.

Avoid Too Much Detailed Information:

Information in the slides should be present in concise manner. Avoid using too much additional information as audience can’t read big paragraphs quickly which may result in losing their interest. One can expand the multiple bullet points in the presentation orally which will add to the interest of audience.

Also, make that the facts and statistics are within the scope of the research so that audience is not confused with extent of the research work.

Audience Interaction:

Make sure you are facing the audience and not the computer while going through your presentation. Take very small pauses while shifting to new topic and use hand gestures to represent confidence.


One should rehearse the presentation multiple to avoid the hesitation and nervousness. Also, one must prepare for the maximum questions possible that can be asked in context to the topic of the presentation.

Proper Structure:

A presentation just like research paper comprises of structure which has a suitable beginning, mid-portion and the ending part. It may contain several headings as per the theme of the research which includes:

  • Introduction
  • Methodology
  • Review of literature
  • Results and analysis
  • Conclusion

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