Spelling Flaws In Essays Spoil Your Hard Work

Essay writing

Essay’s are assigned to judge a student’s idea on a subject matter and also to assess his capacity to jot down his thoughts and acquired knowledge in proper format.

Primary Requirements for a Skillfully Written Essay:

A good essay writer knows the primary requirements of a properly structured essay are-

• Keeping focus on the topic throughout- Students loss the way in the middle of the essays.
• Grip on the language- Application of grammatically correct wordings including the use of correct words with correct spellings is another major problem that erases the very essence of an essay.

Improper language and spelling flaws often spoils even a nicely written essay. Teachers and professors frequently complain that their students have good understanding on the subject and they can write informative essays, but their entire efforts go in vain due to spelling flaws. As per statistics these is one of the top three problems in essay writings.

Some Common Spelling Flaws:

• Spellings of homonyms are often mistaken due to insufficient knowledge, as it happens while placing “Hair”, “Heir” and “Here” or “leave” and “live” etc. Thousands of words have similar pronunciation, but different spellings and different meanings.

• Spelling flaws while applying plural forms are another mistake committed by the students. Applying “ies”, “es” “s” etc. have certain rules which everyone should know very clearly in order to write flawless English. Most of these plural forms sound same, like “say” and “says” and if instead of “says” somebody writes “saies” the pronunciation remains the same but the students create a completely negative impression on his teachers.

• Application of different forms of verbs also need expert knowledge on the transformation of verbs- “coming” is the present continuous form of “Come”, while “programming” is the present continuous form of “Program”, the continuation or obliteration of last letter of a word while adding “ing” follows some rules. Similarly, there are specific rules for the addition of “ed” or “d” for transforming a word in its past form. All these need thorough knowledge and previous experience of applying them in different situations.

Apart from these common mistakes, innumerable other mistakes arise due to lack of sufficient knowledge on the language and spellings. In some situations, these mistakes can even change the whole meaning of the sentence or related paragraph. So, spelling flaws in essay writing are not tolerated by the teachers and professors who review the essays. On the other hand, students should take into account these mistakes very seriously and practice the basics of the language with utmost seriousness.

Most Modern Reasons Spelling Flaws:

Text messaging in internet or social media has become the most popular process of communication these days. The spellings do not follow any rules in this process. In order to write fast people use the shortest form of a word that makes the other person understand the message clearly. Such faulty spellings like “wnt”, “grt”, “u” for “want”, “great” and “you” respectively and thousands other are severely hampering the learning process of younger generation of students. Mistakenly they are also applying such short form of words, which spell same, while writing essays or other lessons also.

Ways to Improve Spelling Flaws:

A few steps the students should follow to enhance their knowledge on spelling and pronunciation are given here-

  • There is no alternative to reading. More a person reads, more he gains knowledge on a subject especially language.
  • Homonyms are the greatest confusions in English literature. Only repetitive learning can clear the confusion.
  • Studying and understanding the rules to be obeyed in the plural forms, past forms, and past and present participle forms are necessary to make no mistake in spelling and grammar.
  • Students must have understanding about the correct spellings of the words they use while “text messaging” and should also have clear idea about their restrictions in applications.
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