Introduction To Psychological Science And Society

Introduction To Psychological Science And Society

If you are criminology, law, Afro-American studies or any arts or humanities oriented stream student then you are likely to encounter psychology sooner or later in your study course. You will be thrown words like Sigmund Freud, Nietzsche and Carl Yeung at you. It becomes very difficult for a person to rationalize anything when the theories are so preposterous like Oedipus complex, Stockholm syndrome, necrophilia, bestiality, and pathology. Hence, we all do need a psychological awakening as individual and as a society. Our society is so layered cognitively that it is almost next to impossible to know another person until and unless we have psychological decomposition or psychoanalysis of that person. Psychoanalysis is nothing but tracing a chain of events in a person’s life and attaching meaning to each event relative to that person such that his current troubles make sense.

Psychoanalysis is a technique pioneered by Sigmund Freud in which the history of patient is layer wise decoded while he is on a couch.  History of particular eras play very important role in this decomposition since the average day to day experience of a person in that era given what kind of government, economy, transportation was available at that time helps psychologist to relate with a person better. This sets the framework which gets more and more accurate as the human behavior gets taken in consideration. Human behavior is inherent and has nothing to do with outer externalities but the way humans criticize events, people and environment for the way they react is main reason why they are ignorant. Since reaction to an externality is bred out of memory of that person and not the circumstance itself.

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Students And Psychology

Students can do great psychology homework since most of them are available in public domain. Be it serial killers like Ted Bunty, Elizabeth Bathory, Jack the ripper, or any great historical psychopathic figure for example Panzram , H H Holmes etc. you can also do projects on political assassinations and psychology or assassins.  Suicides, paranoia, and schizophrenia are interesting topics. Stockholm syndrome   and empathy for your abuser is one of age old favorites. Then you can do projects on xenophobia, government policies shaping human behavior, homosexuality, world wars, and colonialism are all great topics to be explored and given psychological explanations for. Some of unexplained phenomenon is Para normality, incestuous relations and cannibalism.

Psychological evaluation is crux of understanding the most bizarre personalities of our culture. Psychology also blends like very sweet cocktail with philosophy as both deal with the mind and how it possible to see life in most twisted ways. Hence most philosophers were either friends with psychologists or were polymathic in both subjects. One of great ideas then can be to do semi philosophical and semi psychological topic like monogamy or search for self-etc.

Modern Psychological Topics

Currently also psychology is affecting our society more than ever. Issues like ISIS wives, Arab spring, falling of dictatorship, the psychology of suicide bombers, religion beliefs (orthodoxy) clashing with liberalism, the psychology of austerity measures etc.  Things like conspiracy theories, government propaganda, capitalism vs communism which are national or international interest topics are also nothing but psychological warfare. Thus students shouldn’t shy away from such bigger topics also since they can also boil down to primarily higher psychology.

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