Proposal – The Heart of Effective Dissertation

Proposal – The Heart of Effective Dissertation

A proposal is the backbone of any good dissertation, it lays the path and the playing field for the rest of the content to follow. A dissertation is a long essay required at the final stage of the doctoral degree. An effective dissertation must contain a precise proposal. A proposal is the first stage in the writing process of a dissertation. The reader first goes through this section and makes up his or her mind about your piece. As it’s said, “First impression is the last impression”. So, view this section as an opportunity and not as a burden, take your time writing it and impress the evaluator or the reader.


A dissertation proposal is a primary step in the process of writing your final dissertation, it is done on the topics studied in your academics. The proposal of a dissertation demands high precision and a focused approach. Students tend to ignore it, resulting in a poorly written draft that gets rejected immediately. Accurate and crisp proposals are approved without much fuss. Write the hypothesis, the goal of the research work, and a review of the literature in a concise way to make it perfect.

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The topic of the proposal must be arguable and not commonly acceptable. It must present a question and argument on the subject and also present a solution. A proposal is the heart of any good dissertation, all the other parts are linked to it and draw strength and meaning from it.

Difference Between Aim and Objective – The Soul of Your Proposal

Before you get to the writing of your proposal you must know the difference between the aim and objective of the proposal. It would give you an eagle-eye view of the entire structure of your dissertation and help you write a perfect proposal.

Aim & Objective

The aim is an intention or a hope to achieve, it is presented in the form of an intent with broad terms. It specifies what you want to achieve after the project. Whereas an objective is a set of small goals that come in the process of achieving the aim. An objective must be specific, measurable, realistic, and time-constrained.

The core purpose of any dissertation is presented in the form of an aim or objective, the thesis of a proposal must also be comprised of these two – therefore if you have perfect control over these two factors, you are well-equipped to write a great proposal and a dissertation.

What a Dissertation Proposal is, and What it’s Not?

We always have people approach us wanting an essay or a dissertation or some otherworldly academic writing, but the fact is, most of the time they are not sure what they want. So, here we will discuss ‘What a proposal is, and what it is not’.

  • A dissertation proposal is nowhere close to an essay.
  • A dissertation proposal is not a mini-dissertation, it is a map of the dissertation.
  • It brings about your argument on the topic.
  • A dissertation proposal describes the outline of your argument.
  • A dissertation proposal outlines the methodology for the dissertation.

Writing an effective proposal is very important for securing the best grade in your dissertation. There is no shortcut to a perfect dissertation, except for pulling your sleeves up and proceeding with the research.

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