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Plasma Medicine-Brief Info

We all are familiar with three states of matter which are solid, liquid and gas. Plasma is considered to be the next or we can say the fourth state of matter. Plasma is a moderate ionized gas that demonstrates the electro conductive gas which is a range of intriguing accredits. In this apparent environment 99% matter is in the form of plasma. Extreme hot state and the cold atmospheric pressure containing plasma can also be obtained artificially. Only this kind of plasma is used in forming the plasma medicine.

What is Plasma Medicine?

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Plasma medicine is a swiftly growing interdisciplinary examine topic converging on many treatments of illness and infection exercising the low-temperature plasmas originated in gases operating the electric fields. It is the usage and exertion of the plasma physics for therapeutic intention and aim. The modern world has already witnessed the approach of many biological uses of physical paragons such as X-Rays and MRI Machine etc. All of these techniques and aspects have successfully provided a means to annex effective biomedical facts and information regarding the human body.

Important Abstracts Regarding Plasma Medicine

The chief objective of plasma medicine is to precede the physical plasma within the clinical practice. There are three relevant categories of plasma medicine which are mentioned below:

  • plasma-based bio- sterilization
  • direct therapeutic plasma application
  • bio-relevant surfaces

The slight indirect applications of plasma medicine are surface modification and decontamination. In these applications the plasma technology is exercised to process the material for resultant medical applications. The purpose of therapeutic plasma application is to convey and fetch the physical plasmas in the human body. It works as the basic and significant area of plasma medicine. The source of plasma should be originated deceitfully at moderate pressure and room temperature with an aim to treat the living tissue. Intrinsic of many of the applications related to medicine are antimicrobial.

Applications of plasma medicine

The application and usage of Plasma medicine can be observed in the following regions:

1.Oncology: Oncology can be understood as non-invasive and aimed with plasma based therapy. Almost diminutive side effects have been observed on the mammals.

2.Wound healing: Excellent result and effects of plasma medicine have been noticed in healing the wounds especially in emergency cases to combat blood lose.

There are many other benefits and applications related to plasma medicine other than this.

  • It supports in demolishing the MDR bacteria and its related diseases.
  • In dentistry there is excellent contribution of plasma medicine. The root canals can be disinfected and the wounded area can be healed swiftly. It also assists in dental implants.
  • The pathogen based skin diseases can be treated easily.
  • The use of plasma medicine is easy and quick and above all it is safe as well.


Ever since the initiation of plasma medicine in last ten years, there has been a tremendous potential to elevate and grow within this particular field. Intensive and time consuming researches have been conducted to advance the technologies and ensure rapid and simple treatments for cancer and wounds.

The study and career aspects related to plasma medicine are accelerating day by day. The promising career growth related to this field can be noticed easily.

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