List Of Online Tools That Harbor Parent-Teacher Involvement

Parent-Teacher Involvement

There are several instances that depict the acceleration of student’s academic performance through effective communication between teachers and parents. The compelling communication and connection between parent-teacher is so crucial to step up the achievement of a student. Apart from the academic performance the parent-teacher communication is important for the personal growth of a student like emotional, social and intellectual skills. Student’s each aspect and emotion is keenly discussed by the duo (parent and teacher) and together they initiate effective steps to develop and embed the positive traits in student. Efforts need to be made from both ends to achieve the desired development of the student. Most of the time it is not possible to communicate in person, lack of time or any other unavoidable task could be the reason. In such cases there are many online tools that bridge the gap between parents and teachers. It inclines an effective way to communicate with the use of technology, utilization of digital technologies can ease the communication process.

Learning Management Systems


It is a web based technology that provides a way to analyze and cater content to students, keeping an eye on their assessments etc. Many colleges use this learning management system to set up the communication among student, teacher and parent. These systems are loaded with features like parent portal which permit parents to check their ward’s performance, grades, assignments and other feedback given by the teacher just by logging in.

Social Media

Nowadays social media platforms lend quick and effective way of communication between parents and teachers. Social networking sites like Facebook has the features where the teacher can create group or page where the parents can join them instantly and can share their feedback and queries regarding the student’s academic performance. Above all it is very easy to use for the parents too as it renders the smooth engagement and updates about the student’s activity in college.

Google Forms

Google forms are also a vital source of communication between teacher and parents. These forms are capable of providing a conjoint way of sharing the information with parents and students. It gives a fresh approach of escalating the system of class evaluation. It comprises a questionnaire type of tool which helps in knowing the activities of student which can also be addressed by their parents as well. These Google forms are easily available on mobiles, tabs etc. which makes it easier for the parents to access.

Portfolio and Communication Gadgets

A student’s portfolio is an online communication tool that carries all the information about the student and his/her academic performance inside it. Parents can log in to check the details of their children and access the feedback marked by the teachers. The communication tools have the application of messenger with which teacher can directly exchange the message with their student’s parents or guardian to share any information.

Class Websites

Web technology has numerous ways to furnish the smooth communication between teacher-parent. Teachers can take help of class websites where they can upload the lessons, content, update and assessment of the students.
Blog can be understood as the frequently revised or updated web page. Teachers can share and post information, class activities, scores and achievement of student by creating an online blog. The students and their parents can follow the blogs to be up to date with the activities. Parents can revert to the questions and any other query concerning their child.

Remind 101

Remind 101 is a communication tool that connects students, teachers and parents on a same platform. This is an adept online tool which updates the student and his/her parents through messages. One can create texting community so that it can become easy to broadcast information. Teachers and facilitators can use this tool to make crucial announcements.

These communication tools play an active role in transacting the information to students and parents.

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