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The architecture is generally defined as product and process related to design, plan and construction of various physical structures like residential buildings, shopping complexes, office buildings, malls and religious structures to name a few. Urbanization and industrialization has raised the demands of architects in recent years.

Benefits of Choosing Architecture:

There are multiple benefits connected to architecture profession which include:

  • After receiving a degree in architecture, you will get good amount of money in professional life as big firms are always seeking fresh talent.
  • There is no monotony in this professional field as every project is extremely different and challenging.
  • It allows the professionals to implement their creative side for delivering the best results in each project.
  • You gain knowledge of various disciplines like art, history, Physics, material science and engineering etc.
  • You also get a chance to travel in this profession most of the times.

So, this profession is quite exciting and highly rewarding if a student scores well in his/her respective course.

Assignment Topics:

Some major assignment topics which are part of architecture courses include:

  • Picturesque buildings
  • Architectural utilization of iron/steel construction
  • Garden design
  • Gothic architecture
  • Assemblies
  • Building codes
  • Arch blueprints
  • Software based architecture design
  • Religious structures across the world
  • Principles of city planning
  • Pilgrimage Road Churches
  • Modern Regionalism
  • Vernacular architecture
  • Responsive architecture
  • Challenges of Industrial Revolution
  • Deriving maximum potential of concrete
  • Building systems

The complexity of assignment topics rises with each level of architectural course.

Difficulties Faced by Architecture Students:

There are various issues faced by architecture students like inability to use apply Physics related fundamentals in assignment. Also, managing the time for completion of assignment is another major challenge. The inability of teachers to impart detailed knowledge is another major factor due to which students face difficulties.

Use of drawing software like AutoCAD which is inevitable in present scenario can be a difficult task for students. Versatility and originality is often required in the assignments and projects which seems challenging for students.

Online Assignment Help:

There are various online services which help students to complete art architectural assignments. EssayCorp is one such premier company which provides assignment services at reasonable prices. The company has hired proficient architects for completion of assignments.

Therefore, online services can aid students to score well in their assignments.

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