Master The Art of Research Report Writing

Master The Art of Research Report Writing

Aside from the concepts learn in class through assignments and homework, research reports are one of the most effective ways to encourage further reading about the subject. This also encourages analytical skills in the student. Research reports can be a cause of concern for some students. They may be very efficient at solving questions in the assignment and home work; however they may struggle to get a research report through. The approach to be followed for writing research report is entirely different as compared to the conventional assignments.

Writing a research report requires a careful thinking of a topic to work on, if the topic of research hasn’t already been suggested ahead of it. A topic in which your interest lies must be chosen otherwise it may seem a daunting task to work on it effectively. Once the topic is selected, one must spend some time preparing a direction ahead. One must always have a set plan in mind regarding the way research has to be conducted. Once begun, it becomes very difficult to change direction mid way. This should involve thinking about the topics to be worked on. A clear objective must be decided and everything must be built upon it.

Once you have a clear aim in mind, you must engage in a healthy discussion with teachers, preferably with the research guide, if one is assigned. You must gain insights into what is expected of you. Some major resources of reading must be inquired while discussing. Several resources of reading can be available. One must not restrict oneself to conventional resources. Important information can be found in various books and magazine. To write an effective research report, you must also explore various papers published in journals as a part of a conference of convention. Keep in mind that these are the sources which you can rely upon and cite without a worry. Information in these sources is always accurate and can be sometimes steer you into right direction. Learn about the correct ways of performing the experiments or surveys required for the research report. This is crucial because this would decide the way you require to record the observations of the experiments or survey. Some methods of presenting the observation can generate interesting conclusions, which can boost your grades.

Several online websites and forums also provide expert opinion about the queries that you may have. Experts with several years’ of experience provide help on these forums. You may even attain help for creative writing online by approaching these forums. Some guidelines and tips about the way you can manage a record of your reading resources can be found there. You may even receive help about effective ways of writing a research report. Read various research reports to know efficient ways to divide the report and presentation of the observation. One must learn the skill of using the ‘Appendix’ section skilfully whenever there is a page limit imposed. Discuss with the in-charge about the preferred method of citation. Know all the rules about citation using that method.

Remember, research report isn’t merely about attaining a certain word count. It is about appreciating the subject and gaining fresh perspective about it.

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