Managerial Economics – Meaning and Applications

Managerial Economics

Managerial economics can be understood as the fusion of economic theory and organizational exertions with the aim to simplifying the process of decision-making and forthcoming schemes or outlines by the management. Economic concepts and economic scrutiny of decision-making difficulties are all part of the aspect of managerial economics. The chief objective of managerial economics is to take up and handle applications related to economic theory and concepts. It supports the management in making decisions related to organization.

managerial economics overview

Managerial economics deals with the effective utilization of certain economic concepts, ideas, tools, and techniques to elucidate the practical hindrances in a business. It assists the manager in the process of crucial decision-making and operates as a connection within the aspects like practice and theory. Managerial economics is often attributed as business economics. It is a section of economics that addresses the scrutiny of microeconomics on the decision approaches and techniques of an organization.

Applications of Managerial Economics

Apprehending the concepts and applications of managerial economics is a quite worthwhile and profitable appliance for taking the economic decisions. Quantitative techniques are applied by managerial economics in order to pull business decisions with the usage of certain economic concepts like price elasticity, supply and demand etc. The contrivances of managerial economics can be exercised to acquire the objectives and goals of an organization effectively.

Exercising theoretical opinions and ideas to organizational conditions

Managerial economics fusions the methods, techniques, patterns and ideas of standard economics with real practices of business and with the field in which organization have to function.

The economic relationships get estimated

Managerial economics helps in estimating the economic associations between contrasting business aspects like cost volume, income, profit and elasticity of demand etc.

Analyzing significant economic quantities

Managerial economics supports the administration in forecasting numerous economic aspects like value, price, demand, return, resources and price etc. A business manager requires to operate in a surrounding of vagueness.

Apprehension of the external forces

It is the task of the ultimate management to analyze the significant aspects that affect an organization. These aspects and factors can be classified into two main categories. To understand and exercise these factors the managers need to acquire the support of managerial economics.

The external factors

The external factors are those factors on which there is no control of the firm or organization. The formulation and scrutiny of these types of factors are really important in drafting the plans and policies of an organization. The decision making task depends on the external factors of a particular organization.

The internal elements and features

The internal factors and elements come under the management and power of an organization. The internal factors are related with the business undertakings. The appropriate apprehension and understanding of these particular factors helps in taking crucial business decisions.

Fundamental of business strategies

Managerial economics is considered to be the basic percept of business strategies. The business policies are crafted and grounded on the analysis of the managerial economics. In this way the managerial economics is beneficial in the management and the process of making crucial decisions as well.

The application of managerial economics is not limited to these factors only. There is a wide range of actions and exercises that are being undertaken by effective utilization of managerial economics.

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