Gone are those days, when the women were bound to live in a patriarchal society like slaves. During the earlier period, most of the women faced the issue of gender discrimination that makes them to live under the four corners of the wall. But, now the tables have turned around. As, a lot of importance and admiration given to a woman, it doesn’t matter from which community she belongs. To encourage and motivate all the women out there, an International Women’s Day is celebrated with full enthusiasm across the globe.


International Women’s Day is celebrated on 8th March every year addressing the social, political, and economical attainments of women. It is originally known as international working women’s day, which is celebrated in different regions showing respect and love towards women. Besides it, this day is to celebrate to bring out the theme of gender equality and also make women aware of all the social rights given to them. On this day, many women including business leaders, actresses, and other famed personalities are invited to speak on the importance of education in several seminars and conferences. On this International day of Women, various art performances, events, and rallies take place to honor the heroic spirit of womankind all around.

Origin of International Women’s Day

The International Women’s Day history is still a doubtful question as nobody knows exactly when it began. However, in the early 1900s, the first ever National Women’s Day was observed across the United States on February 28. It was more a political event as the entire crowd of women marched through the streets of New York city pleading for voting rights and better job opportunities in the state. During the year 1910, a leader of women’s office in Germany penned down the idea of  International Women’s Day and from there the notion of celebrating women’s day came into the existence.

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Why Celebrate International Women’s Day?

After diving into the concept of International Women’s Day, now the question arises why there is a need to commemorate it all over the world? Well, we all are aware of the fact that women today are still deprived of all the necessary rights and facing the issue of discrimination in some countries. This gender gap continues in several nations and as a result, women are not present in business and politics as the equal numbers of men. Nevertheless, there are some terrible facts and figures that clearly indicate the condition of women as worse in various sectors. On International Women’s Day, numerous women from different world come together to identify these inequalities and speak on the accomplishments of those females who had overcome these hurdles capably and setting examples in the society.

How is International Women’s Day Celebrated Across the World?

International Women’s Day is celebrated by all the countries in a different manner. In some nations, it is celebrated in a same way as mother’s day, with men expressing their affection to their mothers and they present them with gifts and flowers. Though, in some countries the custom is distinct and it is declared as an official holiday in countries like Afghanistan, Russia, Uganda, Vietnam, Georgia, Cuba, Laos, Nepal and China (for women only). Generally, it doesn’t really matter how a specific country celebrates women’s day, but what really matters is giving equal rights to all women so that they can excel in every field and can stand tall besides men.

The International Women’s Day offers a great opportunity for all the women to come out and call for equality and other privileges. Many organizations also join the campaign to celebrate this day by various demonstrations, educational events that signify the social and political condition of women. This can alter the mentality of whole nation and women can also outshine in all sectors of the society. Just drink a jar of gladness and wish “Happy Women’s Day” to all the women around the universe.

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