How To Write An Epic Poem

How To Write An Epic Poem

Poetry writing is an art. It is not like plays, story writing and other normal writing. It comes from heart which is full of imagination, thoughts, feelings and emotions. Poetry is an art of pen downing your feelings at a particular time. Unlike other poems, epic poem writing needs some technical skill and steps that you should follow while writing and become a successful epic writer.

Epic poetry is an ancient form of art which is a long narration of epic hero. It portrays the story of heroes of ancient time, about their journey right from the start to end. Epic Poetry attributes a legendary hero, his heroic journey and fantastic brave adventures he did. In addition to this it also includes supernatural gods and goddesses, angels, demons etc which is written in a contemporary language and mixing it with rhythmic and dramatic tradition. There are some steps to follow if you are new in this writing.

Step1 – Read before you write: Before writing any epic poetry or a story you should go through some of the renowned and famous writer’s work that are excel in this field. This will give you an idea and a path to start on. Read poems like- The Epic of Gilgamesh, The Odysseys, The Mahabharta etc.

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Step2 – Who will be your hero? : After getting idea from the excellence, next question is on whose’s life story you are going to write. Always begin with the hero. Decide who will be your hero?? What he has done in his life history which made him hero?.  When you are going to write about that hero you must know about his whole life journey, his battles, and his fight for beloved or for country or for his kingdom. You will also find the villains and jealous quick tempered persons in his journey that made his path difficult to move on.

Step3 – It’s time to write: Now when you have your hero, you can start writing.  You can write the whole poem or story in a one go or you can complete it in intervals. According to me, what I suggest is try to complete it once you started writing as you will go with the flow and concentration. With this when you start writing an epic it always begins with a muse. “Sing to me, o muse, of,…” it is an archetypical solicitation. Writers were inspired by the muse goddesses, as per the classical mythology.  

Step4 – Keep on writing as it is a fun: Once you started writing just keep on going with the flow. Write in rhythmic style. You have to decide in which style you want to write. There are many styles of writing. It is upto you which form you are going to write. Whether you want to write Homeric simile style, dactylic hexameter (as written in The Odysseys), Virgil and other classical style or you want to adopt Greek and Latin Poetry style which do not have any rhyming scheme.

Step 5 – Crown of the Poem – Title: This step can be done alternatively as per your preference. Deciding what will be the title can be done either when you are going to start writing or after completing the whole poetry. Title magnetizes the reader to read your poetry. Usually, it is written on the name of the hero, for instance, The Odysseys were decided on the name of the hero Odyssey, The Epic of Gilgamesh over the name of Gilgamesh etc. So, title making is the important step in epic poetry.

It was all about epic poem and if you ask me about agile epic story then I would say it is the story written in fragmented part as it is too long to be written in one sprint.  As epic is too large for agile, the team splits it into multiple or possibly thousands in which details can be added at anytime. Moreover, the agile can be made by anyone even by the one who is not involved in it.

Poetry writing needs practice and dedication which takes time but I hope these steps can help you in writing your own epic story.

Happy Writing!!

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