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How To Write A Good Assignment

Writing a good assignment not only requires an individual’s clarity in the subject- matter, but also requires good presentation skills as well. Therefore, it is important to move step- by- step while preparing your assignment.

1. Read important instructions-
Read the question carefully. Note down each sub- question of the given question separately. Check the marking criteria.

2. Outline-
It is always a good idea to write an outline before actually starting up with the assignment writing. The outline should include the main points to be discussed in the assignment. This would enable you to organize your thoughts and keep you focused throughout the assignment. This would also save a lot of time and would allow you to conduct an efficient literature search.

3. Introduction-
The very next step in writing a good assignment is the inclusion of a brief introduction, generally of one or two paragraphs. It defines the quality of your assignment. The introduction part should provide a brief background for the main points which shall be discussed in the assignment. Further, it should also reflect the aim or purpose of writing the assignment and clearly indicate the structure of the assignment.

4. Continuity of ideas-
After completing the introduction part and moving towards the further paragraphs of the assignment, it is necessary to ensure that there is a constant flow of ideas both within and between the paragraphs so as to enable the readers to follow your arguments. Try to discuss each point in separate paragraphs.

5. Use of ‘I’ and ‘You’-
One should follow the academic writing standards which say that assignments should be written in an impersonal language. Use of words like ‘You’ and ‘I’ should be avoided. It is recommended to use opinions and evidences from authoritative sources to build your arguments.

6. Bullets and numbering-
As per academic writing standards, one should avoid using bullets and numbering and should follow the use of paragraphs.

7. Use of examples-
This is the area where you should demonstrate how to apply knowledge into practice. Compare different sources and identify their strengths and weaknesses in an objective manner to provide a clear understanding of the topic of the assignment.

8. Referencing-
It is the most important aspect to be covered in the assignment.  Either Vancouver or Harvard style referencing should be used and the same be mentioned in the bibliography as well.

9. Word count-
The assignment must be within the word count allowed. It should neither exceed the set word limits nor should be below the same. So, it is very important to plan your work keeping in mind the allowed word count.

10. Inclusion of tables & figures-
The most effective way of presenting information would be with the help of tables and figures. They should have a clear heading and their sources should be mentioned in the bibliography.

11. Conclusion-
This is the final area of the assignment where powerful arguments should be provided. Firstly, state the context and aim of your assignment, thereby summarizing the main points and followed by the final comments.

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