How To Pass Biology Exam

How To Pass Biology Exam

Are you facing challenges in passing the biology exam? Well, now it’s time to overcome your worst nightmare and make it as your beloved subject like never before. Biology is a thought-provoking subject, but sometimes it becomes an obstacle for some scholars to clear it out. If this problem persists with you, then it’s time to tighten up your shoelaces to score good grades than ever.

Before getting started on how to pass biology exam, then it’s necessary to get your hands on why study Biology.

Biology is the study of living and non-living organisms comprising their evolution, growth, structure and identification, etc. In other terms, it can be said that it shows us the world revolving around us. Though, the study of biology is very infinite to understand as it consists of various disciplines and sub-disciplines. Moreover, there are different Biology terms that are based on the kinds of procedures used to understand them. There are several things to learn in biology to get prominent knowledge in this fascinating subject. Let’s have a look at these Biology terms on how to pass biology exam:

  • Biochemistry: Time to get your eyes on one of the most famous biology topics which deals with the chemical processes associated with living organisms.


  • Molecular Biology: This renowned branch of Biology is concerned with the study of Biological activity i.e. Structures of macro molecules and cell Biology.


  • Cellular Biology: One of the important biology terms, cellular biology deals with the study of cells that consist of its function, structure and behavior.


  • Ecology: Another significant term which frequently asked in Biology paper i.e. Ecology. It mainly concerned with the interactions of one organisms to the another one.


  • Physiology: The term which must be included in the notes of Biology is Physiology. It deals with the functions that various organisms, cells and living system carried out.


Major concepts and topics on how to pass biology exam

  • Diffusion and Osmosis: what are the things to learn in biology? This question always knocks the doors of everyone’s mind when it comes to bio exam. Diffusion can be defined as the movement of elements from upper level to lower level. On the other hand, Osmosis can be defined as the movement of molecules of water from higher free energy to lower chemical potential.


  • Homeostasis:  Time to add a new term in your biology notes to expand your awareness i.e. Homeostasis. It mainly used to state the processes (maintaining condition) within living organisms.


  • Cell Biology: Often known as the Building Blocks of life. In simple terms, it is a division of biology which deals with the study of cells and their functions and behavior.


  • Ribosomes: Ribosomes acts as the protein synthesizers that are used to build long chains in the cell. The specialties of Ribosomes are unique because they are found in prokaryotes and eukaryotes.


  • Lysosomes: Lysosomes are mainly found in eukaryotic cells. They are membrane-surround organelle used to digest unwanted food particles by shattering down proteins.


  • Nucleus: Are you getting ready for your exam today? Try not to forget reading this important term i.e. Nucleus. It is an essential part of a cell which holds genetic code, DNA. Being small and round in size, it acts as a cell’s control Centre.
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Whether you prepare for biology exam or biology quiz, getting best of the knowledge is an essential part. Apart from the Biology terms listed above, there are other study tips to get your grip strong in bio exam. Some of the best ways to study biology are:

  • Previous year questions:  Learn biology fast by focusing on the past exam papers which can be available from your tutor/lecturer. To accomplish worthy results, Practice Biology test papers as much as you can.


  • Get away from Tech Gadgets: We love to use our adored devices than anything else. But one must tighten his/her waist when it comes to get succeed in science exam. Using Electronic gadgets won’t let you to concentrate on your desired goals.


  • Make important notes: The best way to study biology is to write down crucial write-ups for your exam. As, these short notes are easy to summon up and remember.


  • Study different terms: Remembering different terminology is always a baffling task for students. As, some biology words are really hard to understand. To get rid of this unusual problem, you must try to break down these large words to find their core.
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