Free Sample Essay on Organizational Culture Assignment

Free Sample Essay on Organizational Culture Assignment

It can be referred to as a pattern of various expectations and beliefs that are shared by every member of the organization. In organizational culture assignments, we generally develop a specific type of culture based on various assumptions.

Following key points are essentials for developing organizational culture:

External Adaptation and Survival:

  • It identifies the primary purpose of the organization and selects strategies to pursue this mission.
  • Organization will set specific goals to achieve and work according to the planned process.
  • It determines how to pursue goals that includes selection of reward system and organizational structure.
  • It establishes criteria on how to determine overall goals of a particular team.

Internal Integration:

  • It identifies various methods for developing and communicates having shared meaning for important concepts.
  • It establishes some criteria for having membership in groups and teams.
  • It also determines the rules for acquiring, losing status, maintaining power.
  • It develops various systems for discouraging undesirable behaviors and encouraging desirable behaviors.

An organizational culture emerges when members share some assumptions and knowledge and develop some ways to cope with the issues.

The basic method to maintain an organizational culture can be used to modify it is:

  • Reaction to crises and incidents: When an organization faces any crises, the way of handling those crises by employees and managers reveals a great deal about its culture.


  • Allocation of Status and Rewards: Employees can also learn the organizational culture through various reward systems. What is punished and what is rewarded should be conveyed to all employees for giving priorities to values for both organization and individual managers.


  • Role Modelling, Coaching and Teaching: Teams and Managers can specifically introduce cultural messages into day-to-day coaching and training programs on the job. Various aspects of organizational culture can be communicated to each and every employee by the way in which managers fulfill their roles.


  • Selection, Recruitment, Removal and Promotion: One basic way in which an organization can maintain its culture is through the recruitment process. In addition to that, the criterion that is used to determine specific jobs or specific positions assigned or removed or by early retirement or by firing and so on is also a part of culture.


  • Ceremonies, Stories and Rites: Ceremonies and Rites are planned rituals or activities that have some cultural meaning. Many of the underlying beliefs and values of an organizations culture can be expressed in stories that will become a part of folklore.
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