Nursing is considered to be one of the most admired and desired job in the whole world. It is a profession which needs better understanding of things like people behavior, mood analysis and so on. The most important thing that one nurse should know that she or he is responsible for all the actions that are happening in the patient cabin. The morality and ethics should be in place in order to have better kind of ambience.

There is nothing better to have for a patient than having a good nurse because the profession of nurses include compassion and perseverance which is one of the most admired things that one person can ever have. There are many legal and ethical issues in  nursing which are related to the service and it is highly necessary to understand that the service providers have to give all the needed things that are promised in order to avoid the legal issues. In this section a detailed discussion is given on the legal and ethical aspects of the nursing profession.

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Act Related to Nursing and Health Care

Nursing is a delicate job as it was mentioned before but in order to maintain the transparency few aspects are related to it. It is seen that the service providing organization follows some rules and norm in order to stay in the field of making a good decision regarding service providing. For a nurse handling legal and ethical issues in childcare is one of the hardest things.

The profession is too much hard and in some cases mental breakdown has also been noticed. The legal and ethical issue in nursing should be known to all in order to have better kind of grip in the field of service. The most of the cases it is seen that the service providers have to follow some acts that are mandatory for them, like

Nursing Practice Act

In every state the government has provided some of the rules that are taken as the base of any kind of nursing practice. All the rules are provided by the government to have better kid of idea on what the service providers should give and what should be avoided. In this context the nursing practice act is one thing that should have been taken under consideration.

It is nothing but a bunch of guidelines that are provided by the government of the state in order to have better kind of control on the profession. Apart from this there are some ethical aspects on which the service providers have to work too. Ethics is one thing that should be maintained by all the people and in a profession like nursing this is the most valuable criterion.

Ethical Issues

Ethical issues in nursing is regarded one of the most important aspects in the profession. In some situations when they cannot do what they thing is right makes them depressed. It is seen that getting something from the doctor and not conveying it to the patient is a hard job but it needs to be done for the profession.

One of the biggest ethical issues in nursing homes is nothing but watching the patient suffer for the disease. In many cases many new comer nurses faced a moral breakdown. The job is not for kind hearted people and it is important to understand the needs of adaptability to the situation.

In many cases it is seen that the legal and ethical issues in mental health nursing stopped many nurses from taking the right step and in some cases the result was really bad.

Kind hearted nurses think about the patients and the family of the patient. They think about presenting the voice of the patient to the people who are in administrative authority. But due to professional reasons they are not able to do that always. This is a situations that should be handled by them in a regular manner and the nurses have to cope-up with it.

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