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hospitality management

Meaning of Hospitality

In simpler terms we can define hospitality as an alliance between recipient and host. The host apprehends the guest with cordiality and takes care of all the interests and devoir. Hospitality ensures the bounteous treatment of guests.

The hospitality industry is much extensive and ample as compared to other industries. The primitive aim of hospitality industry is to ensure the client gladness and satisfaction. It mostly spotlights on leisure and luxury of the customers.

Hospitality Management Case Study Assignments

Role of Human Resource Management in Hospitality Industry

The significance of human resource management in hospitality industry cannot be overlooked. We all are well aware of the fact that hospitality industry is a mob business which focuses customer satisfaction and indulgence as a result human aspect masks a crucial role in the industries of hospitality.

Why study Hospitality Management?

Hospitality management comprises of several unique trades such as hotel, resorts, casinos, airlines tour and travel etc. The scope and ambit of hospitality courses are blooming every day. Nowadays most of the universities provide different courses regarding the management of hospitality services. More and more students are enrolling themselves in hospitality management courses as these courses assure a bright future to students worldwide. Students are finding this course much alluring and fruitful for their career graph.

The study of Hospitality management is complex like other management subjects. It requires intense study and learning of management concepts. Students pursuing the discipline hospitality management are entitled to write several assignments on diverse topics related to hospitality. For some students it is a simple task to complete the assignments within the assigned timeline but for the others the assignment writing task is a pain in neck. There are several reasons why students do not approve of the assignment writing exercise.

  • Scarcity of Time – mostly students fail to complete their assignments due to less time. They are already preoccupied with several academic tasks that they hardly get time to focus on assignment writing.


  • Lack of Writing Skills – this could be the foremost reason for the delayed assignments as assignment writing requires good hold on writing skills, with no flair of writing a student automatically gets lower grade in assignment.


  • Lack of Conceptual Knowledge – the most common reason for non – completion of assignment is the lack of knowledge regarding the given topic. How could a student initiate writing if he or she doesn’t possess the facts and knowledge about the assigned task?

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