Things You Should Know About Earth Day

Earth Day

April 22nd is the day for celebrating Earth Day.  It is a day that spreads awareness among people about the environmental issues. The rapid escalation of anti-environmental activities has become the reason for celebrating Earth Day. It is now a holiday which is celebrated in the world wide. It is even celebrated throughout a week in some countries to extend the time for preserving the earth. Earth Day was first organised in 1970. Around twenty millions Americans appeared on the streets and showcased their concern about the issues of earth. The origin of Earth Day took place in the US, but came under identification by 1990. Today, it is celebrated by over 190 countries. On Earth Day 2009, Disney even released a movie called ‘Earth’ that told a story about the migration of three animal families. One of the other advantages of celebrating earth Day is that it lets people from different countries get into coordination with each other and come together for a cause which is common to all, that is saving earth.

Founder of Earth Day :

Gaylord Anton Nelson was a politician of America and served the nation being a governor as well. By launching Earth Day, he brought a new wave of environmental awareness among the masses. The twentieth century was the time when he stood for the environmental issues and the injustices in the society. He even took stand for the minorities and those who were disadvantaged. He never risked the social or ecological matters for the sake of economical or technical development. As a senator, it was difficult to draw the attention of his colleagues towards the vulnerability of the environment. Yet he was persistent about his responsibilities towards earth. For his country people, he was a well-liked law maker.  

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What is the purpose of celebrating Earth Day :

With the growing avidity of leading a fast and advanced life, we have a deep inclination towards urbanisation at the cost of risking our environment. Earth day creates awareness about the growing exploitation of our greens and blues. Earth day as the name suggests, concerns not only the environment but all the issues that the earth deals with. Be it poverty, unemployment, child labour etc. The main goal of Earth day is to unite people from various cultures and take knowledge of the on-going issues of earth and inspire them to do their bit. It advocates the idea of eco-friendly activities. It encourages the youth to be more responsible towards the earth. Earth Day basically intends on bringing the vital issues to the public eye.  

What role does the social media play in promoting Earth Day

The social media as we all know, has become the most important and convenient tool to raise awareness today. It keeps the people updated. Hence, what can be more useful than the social media to generate awareness about Earth day? Taking an instance- when there is any important event, the news channels are always there to cover what is being celebrated and how it is being celebrated. Apart from telecasting it on their channels, they post the information on social media as well. And the social media then circulates them to the public. No matter what occasion it is, social media never fails to let the people know about it.

How Earth Day is celebrated :

  • Earth Day is considered to be the most celebrated environmental affair.
  • Earth Day is usually celebrated through rallies around cities with millions of people participating on it.
  • People participating on the rally paint their faces green, blue and other different objects explaining their concern for Earth.
  • They carry banners that evoke responsibilities for society and ecology.
  • They call out slogans that demonstrate ecological concerns.
  • There are street plays portraying different environmental or societal issues.
  • There are plays and talks organised which are often telecasted on televisions.
  • Dos and Don’ts of Earth Day :
  • Choose carpool.
  • Do not waste paper.
  • Repair all the leaky faucets of your house.
  • Make minimal use of plastics.
  • Let your senator know about the environmental issues that you are facing and which can be resolved.
  • Switch off the fans and lights when not required.
  • Select an area that needs urgent hygienic attention, make a group with your family and friends and go on a cleanliness spree.
  • You can even adopt a street animal.
  • Educate the children about the importance of cleanliness and being compassionate towards animals.
  • Here are some of the Earth Day slogans :
  • Our earth, our abode.
  • Save earth, save life.
  • Healthier the earth, healthier the lives.
  • Time to pay back to the Mother Nature.
  • Don’t be mean, always go green.
  • Plant a tree, plant a life. 
  • Say no to environment abuse. 
  • Be gentler towards earth. 
  • Making earth a better place to live.
  • Ways to celebrate Earth Day this April :
  • Tree Planting– Planting a tree would be the first step of keeping the earth healthy. It takes nothing to plant a tree in your garden or balcony. Not only it will give you greenery but it will add to the beauty of your little abode.
  • Recycling- When you throw a used plastic bottle outside your balcony, you only get rid of that object which is of no use to you anymore. But it harms the environment and adds to the filth that is already there. A plastic bottle may turn into a beautiful hanging flower tub or a flower vase with a little touch of creativity.
  • Choose non-disposable plates and napkins-  Earth Day brings a holiday with it apart from awareness. You might want to make your holiday a little special by inviting a few friends or going out on a lunch. Use non-disposable plates and napkins, and keep the wastage minimal.
  • Activities for children
  • Face painting.
  • Colouring.
  • Earth Day flag making.
  • Rallies around the colony.
  • Planting trees.
  • Eco picnic.
  • Garbage collecting.
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Today, looking at the issues that the earth goes through, we must take an initiative for a better tomorrow. Most importantly, we should not limit our responsibilities only to the Earth Day. No matter how meagre the step is, a step taken is always a step ahead.

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