Know More On Sample Introduction To Dissertation In Detail

Know More On Sample Introduction To Dissertation In Detail

A dissertation is an independent project submitted by an individual to the university or the college in the final year of his Doctorate in Philosophy.  It serves as a shadow of the skills learned and the knowledge gained by the individual in his course of study. A dissertation to a PhD holder is like the MBBS degree to a physician. It is immensely important as it decides the approval of the Doctorate in Philosophy of the concerned student. A dissertation is the final piece of study which summarises the entire degree of PhD of the student. Each student is given a different topic of the dissertation and before writing a dissertation an individual has to provide a dissertation proposal for approval of the professor under whom the individual is completing his PhD. Mostly students have no idea about how to write an introduction of a dissertation. Let alone the introduction, most of the students have no idea about what is a good dissertation. Hence, in the following section of this blog, we will describe things like, how to write an introduction of a dissertation, what to include in the introduction of a dissertation, dissertation proposal, dissertation structure and everything else about writing a dissertation.

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Importance Of Dissertation For A PhD Holder Student

Categories Of Dissertation Introduction:

A systematic format of the introduction for dissertation is essential as it makes it easy to be understood by the reader. The introduction for dissertation should be divided into following parts and each of the part should be addressed completely. Following are the parts of dissertation introduction:

Motive – The motive of the dissertation writing should be relevant and holds extreme importance too. It can be either something that has always interested you or it can be something new that has caused an excitement in your mind. If you use an interesting example, the reader will be more intrigued by the rest of your introduction.

Scope – On the basis of the motive of the dissertation writing, the topic of the dissertation is described. Ensure that the topic of your dissertation is defined directly. Stick to a specific niche and avoid indulging yourself into too much of research.

Theoretical As Well As Practical Relevance Of The Research – The scientific relevance of the research should be mentioned clearly, this can be done by citing scientific articles and then combining them. You should highlight the discussion chapters of studies as well.

The practical use of your research should be mentioned too in the introduction of the dissertation. If you are writing the dissertation for a company, you should focus more on the practical importance of the dissertation.

Scientific Situation Relating To The Theme Of Your Research – In this part of the introduction, all you have to do is simply state the name of the scientific articles that are of maximum importance for your topic and then briefly explain them. The basic reason behind this step is to make the reader understand that a lot of studies have been done around the particular topic already and you will not get stuck in the middle.

Objective, Problem Statement And Research Question – This part of introduction will basically include the objective behind your case study and the problem statement that you formulated. The main trick here is to not get confused between the objective and the problem statement of the dissertation. You can use research question as well as the hypothesis for this purpose, the basis of the hypothesis being the conceptual work.

A Short Description Of The Research Design – A later part of your dissertation will be a research design and you can add a short description of that in the introduction itself. This description will basically answer the questions such as where when, and with whom you are going to conduct the research.

Outline Of The Dissertation – This part of the introduction mainly includes a brief description of the construction of your dissertation. In this part you will have to summarise the chapters covered by you in the entire dissertation. Try to describe each of the chapters preferably in one sentence and maximum one paragraph. The word choice of the dissertation topic should not vary and also the dissertation outline is not repetitively phrased.

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Writing In A Systematic Format By Covering All the Related Points

Points To Remember:

  • Make it a rule to start the introduction for dissertation with research proposal or the action plan of the dissertation. Most of the introduction part would be covered in the dissertation proposal.
  • Always use simple present tense in order to introduce your subject as well as to indicate the topic of your discussion.
  • Simple past tense or present perfect tense is used to write the background introduction.
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Important Points Described By The Experts Of EssayCorp

Dissertation is a very significant part for any student who is pursuing PhD. The introduction of the dissertation should be able to interest the reader to go through the following section of the dissertation too. A number of important points as well as the entire construction of the dissertation is described in this blog.

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