Celebrating The Fourth Of July

Celebrating The Fourth Of July

The whole America is dancing to the tunes of celebrations and merrymaking as the Nation has completed 242 years of Independence. The American Independence Day is also known as the “Fourth of July” or The Fourth” Since the year 1941 this day has been the federal holiday in the United States. This day cherishes the signing of the declaration of Independence in America. America has been relishing the liberty and freedom since then.

History Of Fourth Of July

The Continental Congress voiced in support of Independence on 2nd July 1776 and after two days (4TH July 1776) the deputies from 13 colonies approved the Declaration of Independence. The affirmation of the American Independence Day was a historic moment for the whole Nation. The declaration of the American Independence document was formulated by Thomas Jefferson. He is also known as the founding father. Since then this day has been cherished as the birth of American liberty.

The American Flag

american flag

The National flag of America has been amended numerous times. The stars on the flag represent the number of states in America. Every time the country obtained a new state, a new star was annexed in the flag with the previous ones. This whole process of adding s takes place on 4th of July. The 13 original colonies are portrayed by the stripes in flag. The colors in the flag also represents something special like the red color represents the valor, the white color showcases the purity and blue color symbolizes justice and vigilance.

A Federal Holiday

The Fourth of July had been declared as a Federal Holiday in America. The custom of nationalistic celebration emerged as more prevailed after the world war in 1812. In that world war United States faced the Great Britain again. In the year 1870 the day Fourth of July had been declared as the federal holiday by the U.S. Congress. The provision was broadened to award a paid holiday to all the employees of Nation. For the time being the political significance of this federal holiday diminished but on the other hand the Independence Day continued to be a crucial federal holiday and an emblem of patriotism. The American Independence falls on the 4th of July, the mid of summer. This holiday brings together a lot of people the quantity of gathered people is highly more as compared to any other day of celebration in the United States.

Celebrations Around The Nation

Each and every city, towns organize events and celebrations according to their will. The huge amount of merriness and festivity can be seen everywhere on this special day. The American flag, banners with colors like white, red and blue can be seen raised in almost all the public places. The patriotic tunes and music fill the streets of America with honor and festivity. The heroic parade is a must watch for each American as it fills the heart with patriotism. The people in America are fond of sports events and they enjoy the related events along with their family and friends. The glorious firework sparks up the sky as well as the soul inside with utmost love for the Nation. Picnics and gatherings on the historic locations are quite common on the Fourth of July.


The American Independence Day requires and worthies the thoughtful analysis. Children take to this National holiday with utmost energy and enthusiasm but the significance must not be limited to the celebration and holidaying only. This day must be inspiring to the people as much as possible. The American Independence Day can be a perfect time to encourage and cheer the coming generation to learn about the history Of American Independence and to participate in the civic responsibilities and duties.

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