Academic Essays – 5 Types

Academic Essays – 5 Types

There are different varieties of essays in the English language. You can clearly distinguish between them according to your requirements and goals. You can write on your personal experience, describe a thing, give a critical analysis, or persuade a reader on a particular matter.

Most essays written in an academics which come under these categories are persuasive, descriptive, narrative, exposition and argumentative. Let’s discuss them in detail:

Persuasive Essay- This type of essay is written to convince or persuade the reader to accept the writer’s point of view or suggestion. The writers have to write with proper facts, logics and examples that sound convincing to the readers. The writers have to represent all the angles of the argument to show why his or her point is the one to be believed on.

Descriptive Essay- Descriptive essay is the type in which you have to describe a person, place or an object unlike narrative essays, where you narrate a story. However, in a descriptive essay, the writer paints the description with the use of meaningful words and necessary sensory details.

Narrative Essay- In this type of essay, the writer explains a real-life experience. Narrative essays are challenging, as writers have to write about themselves and involve reader as well. The essay is written as a first person and a conclusion is drawn based on a personal statement.

Expository Essay- In this type of essay, the writer tries to inform an event or issue to their(You can used their instead of him/her)readers.The writer defines a topic and includes a wide range of emotions like comparison, difference, the cause and its effect. These essays are simply based on facts; there is no need of emotions in this type of essay.

Argumentative Essay- This is the type of essay, in which writer argues their opinion about an issue. It is bit similar to persuasive essay, however (You can use however instead of but to join the sentences) the major difference between them lies in the fact that writer is arguing for his or her opinion as opposed to others, rather than trying to persuade someone about their point of view.

Almost all the essays come under one of the above categories. Before starting to write an essay, writer must study these types and should completely understand so as which form of essay will they be aiming for.

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