7 Tips For Dealing With Procrastination

7 Tips For Dealing With Procrastination

It is usually believed that time is one of the precious resources we have in our lifetime. And the process of procrastination often results in wastage of this invaluable resource. It definitely impacts us personally and professionally at different stages of life.

Let’s keep a look at some tips which help you deal with procrastination:

Tip #1: Do tasks with friends or with a group

If you often feel that you are not motivated enough to do a task alone, get it done with your friends or people with common interests. They will definitely keep you motivated throughout and your level of procrastination will be ultimately minimized.
These tasks can range from as simple as completing homework to toning up your body through a strenuous exercise schedule.

Tip #3: Make a to-do list

A to-do list works everywhere especially when it comes to time management or just to purge off procrastination. Make sure to put a deadline in this list and if often include some key points on how to complete the tasks.

Tip #4: Eat less and healthy

Yes! Food too can influence your level of procrastination. It happens because if you consume food in excess, then you may feel lethargic which will result in losing of interest in completing the important tasks.
Also, consuming stuff like apples, oats, berries and granola etc. that keep you prepared for the day.

Tip #5: Avoid putting pressure on yourself

Biggest hurdle that stops you from completing a task is your inner pressure. Remember that imperfection is also fine most of the times. Just focus on beginning the process rather than giving emphasis on impressing others involved in the same.

Tip #6: Treat yourself

After completion of a whole task or even a major portion of it, make sure to treat yourself with some delicacy or your favorite flick. This treat will keep you motivated for further tasks and projects.

Tip #7: Break the task into smaller segments

If you feel a task quite difficult as a whole, then splitting it up into smaller sections will definitely help you prepare better strategies to complete it and will also decrease the pressure from your mind.
Implementing these practical strategies will definitely keep you going for the day and transform you into an active and enthusiastic individual.

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