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This is a fairly new subject in the field of management, it uses the behavioural and cognitive psychology theory to find a solution to the phenomenon of people making bad financial decisions. Since it is a new subject, not many people other than those studying it might be aware of it. And students studying it can also face problems. The social and cognitive concept of management can cause some difficulty for the student. We at EssayCorp are a pro at providing behavioural finance assignment help, we understand the difficulty involved in an assignment and so we provide this service to make your life a little easier.

behavioural finance assignment help

The behavioural finance assignment covers an extreme range of topics such as the definition of arbitrageur, risk vs. horizon, fundamental risks, noise-trader risks, transaction costs, etc. Our writer covers all the topics related to behavioural finance, they customise every assignment as per your specifications and deliver it to you before the deadline.

Brief Topic Description and Behavioural Finance Assignment Help

Even though being a new subject, this subject is very vast and quite complicated. There are several topics contributed by the top economists and psychologists. These topics require much effort on the part of the student, a little lapse in concentration and you could miss out on a vital topic. Sometimes it is difficult for students to understand these different concepts of finance and markets, our experts totally understand the pressures of students and the need to stand out in the class. Hence, EssayCorp helps students to deal with day to day assignments and provides them with best services in behavioural finance assignments.

  1. Limits to Arbitrage: In the theory of efficient market hypothesis, the misplacement in the price of a publically traded stock gives the investor a chance to make a low-risk profit. It happens with the help of the tool arbitrage. It is basically buying a stock at a low price and then selling it at a higher price, making a profit. To know more about the limit of arbitrage or to get behavioural finance assignment help, you can reach us. Our writers also provide topic-based essays like; if you want an essay on limits of arbitrage with real life examples.
  2. Noise-trader Risk: It is the kind of market risk involved with noise traders, depending on the volatility of the risk, the risk of the noise-trader is determined. In a general circumstance, this type of risk is seen in the small-cap market but on varied and sparse occasions it has been observed in the mid-cap and large-cap market too.

These two are quite important topics in behavioural finance assignments. We regularly have our clients demand them.

Problem That Students Face With Behavioral Assignments

In some universities, the weightage of assignments are as much as 60% of the total final grade. That is why the emphasis on the assignment are so high. It is vital that a student scores high in the assignment if he or she desires a perfect or an exemplary score. But doing so is not as easy as an observer thinks. The assignments are lengthy and the time limit provided to the student is limited. This makes the already difficult task much harder. The behavioural finance assignments are much convoluted than other assignments, firstly because of it being a subject that is quite different from any other management subjects. And the assignments assigned to the students are very lengthy, so much so that they require some external help. We at EssayCorp provide behavioural finance assignment help, our services also extend to homework help, thesis, dissertations, etc. We have been the leader in this industry for the past several years.

Explanation Of Key Concept And Behavioural Finance Assignment Help

Other than the public or community nurses, there are also multiple specialities where nursing individuals make their careers. Some of these specialities include:

  1. Anchoring - All of our ideas should be based on concrete foundation, it should be woven around relevant and empirical data, but it’s not possible all the time. The process of anchoring is relating our ideas to a referencing point. It is done in situations where the concepts are novel. An example of referencing can be – when you think of indulging in sports, you think of buying a sports shoe, the sports company have made a referencing point for you by the way of advertisement. Now whenever you think of sports, you think of purchasing a sports shoe. This is the power of anchoring.
  2. Mental Accounting - It is the process by which a person apportions his money into different accounts according to a variety of utility criteria. The different account groups are assigned based on the use, at times the person bears a detrimental impact on consumption because of this decision. Everyone does this without realising how illogical that is; people set aside a portion of the money for their new phone, while their credit card bill keeps surging. This is a very big concept with many sub-concepts. If you require assistance in behavioural finance assignment help, you could always take the help of our writers who have been doing assignment for thousands of students from around the world on these topics and helping them achieve the best grade.
  3. Confirmation and Hindsight Bias - Our mind can produce fantastic concepts and ideas that are in reality non-existent. The proverb “seeing is believing” does not always hold true. The way we process information can be biased, as our brain might filter out information that we subconsciously are looking for and hindsight bias is as the name suggests when a past experience affects your decision. These concepts go much deeper, a management student while studying this subject can suddenly find himself venturing into the realm of psychology, which is anything but alien to him. In such a situation the student can avail our behavioural finance assignment help.
  4. Gambler’s Fallacy - A belief of a person that independent events are interrelated when actually there is no evidence for such conclusion. In this, a person believes that once an event has occurred the likelihood of it occurring again is not possible. An example of a gambler’s fallacy is that a gambler in a game of lottery might not choose to bet on the same number if it has appeared before.
  5. Herd Behaviour - This is the most infamous of all the concepts, it not only applies to the financial market but it also applies to the daily life of individuals. This phenomenon has caused havoc time and time again but yet it keeps on occurring over and over again. It happened during the great depression and again in 2008 when the world economy collapsed and was in stagflation. As the name suggests, we seem to follow whatever a large group of people are doing. This happens a lot in the stock market; if a stock is on the rise, that means a lot of people are buying the stock and we more often than not do the same.
  6. Overconfidence - Confidence in your decision is a very important thing but overconfidence can result in a lot of financial loss. Your financial decisions must be based on candid facts. Your subjective confidence must match your objective performance. As you must have realised by now that this subject is not as easy as one assumes it to be. It is a theoretical subject but very convoluted. We are aware that your assignments constitute a major part of your final grade and achieving a good grade is the first step towards achieving your goal. So, for the best score avail behavioural finance assignment help.
  7. Overreaction and availability bias - The biggest challenge faced by an investor is an overreaction to information. Overreaction is also one of the factors that can lead to the financial loss to an individual. In a perfect world, a good news should reflect on the price of securities and if there is no bad news then the price of the stock should remain stagnant. But it doesn't happen like that, one the arrival of good news the stock market gets so excited it drives the price of the stock above its intrinsic level and vice versa.
  8. Prospect Theory - It is the theory of choice where a problematic choice is presented and it involves risk, where the outcome is known. The basic gist of this theory is that people make decisions based on the gain or loss rather than the final outcome.
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Behavioural Finance Assignment Help in US, UK & Australia

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