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Volcanoes are largely shaped chimneys that transfer magma from deep inside to the surface of the earth. Volcanoes are said to be active if they erupt lava, release gas, and generate other vibrating activities. But, if they do not erupt lava for a longer time they said to be inactive. It is the most crucial topic in geology and thus its assignments are very vital for the students who are pursuing their career in geology courses. It is said to be an interesting topic, but it requires an extensive research and hard work that most of the students fail to execute it properly. Moreover, the topic is theoretical in nature with lots of jargons that also creates a lot of difficulty for some students to memorize the overall concept. Therefore, for the best academic assistance, avail our volcanoes assignment help.

volcanoes assignment

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Types of Volcanoes Covered by Our Experts
  • Stratovolcano: It is a conical shaped volcano that erupts thick and sticky type of lava that does not flow very easily. It is also considered as the most deadly type of volcano that blasts out Plinian, the most dangerous eruption among all. The eruption that comes out from this volcano contains toxic gasses and hot volcanic fragments.
  • Shield Volcano: A shield volcano is the largest volcano on the earth that erupt fluid lava. It usually erupts the basaltic type of lava that has low viscosity, which means that it can flow very far and quickly. The largest shield volcano on the earth is Mauna Loa that is situated on the big island of Hawaii.
  • Fissure Vent: It is also known as volcanic fissure or eruption fissure in which lava erupts through a linear volcanic vent without any intense activity. Moreover, the surface of this volcano is usually flat and has no central caldera that makes it really hard to recognize from the ground level.
  • Spatter Cone: It is usually a steep side volcanic cone that is made from a vent. The most striking thing about this volcano is that it can be easily distinguished during outburst as its eruption is similar to an explosion.
  • Caldera volcano: It is the most powerful and disastrous type of volcano that brings catastrophes such as famine, tsunami, climate change, etc. is also known as bathtub volcano. It is more like an inverse shape volcano that erupts the stickiest, nastiest, gassiest lava than any other volcanoes. To get good grades in this discipline, avail our volcanoes assignment help services.
Effects of Volcanic Eruption
  • Explosive Eruption: The explosive eruption of volcanoes can bring out the major catastrophe in the cities and other regions. During the eruption, volcanoes erupt lava, magma, ashes, and other volcanic material that travels far from the mountain. As a result, it can cause severe harm to the people, animals, farms, and forests etc.
  • Problems with Aircraft: Aircraft feel the effects of volcanoes more than any other, as the ashes erupted by the volcanoes can affect the engine of an airplane. Moreover, the engine of an airplane even get stucked by these ashes and it can create a terrible situation for the pilots to operate.
  • Effect on Cities: Cities and towns face a lot of difficulties after an explosive eruption of volcanoes as the lava and ashes come directly into the city that can cause thousands of injuries and deaths. The effects on the cities largely depend on the nature of the eruption and the atmospheric condition on that particular time.For a detailed information on the topic, our volcanoes assignment help experts at EssayCorp offers the reliable assistance at an affordable cost.
volanoes assignment help
Types of Volcanic Eruptions
  1. Hawaiian Eruption: It is considered as the low level and calmest of all eruption types where the lava flows from vent at a slow pace. During Hawaiian eruption, the basaltic lava erupts as a lava fountain and it may reach a height of more than 1 km. Also, the eruption can last for hours or even days because the lava during the eruption is very fluid in nature.
  2. Strombolian Eruption: In a strombolian eruption, the explosions generally occur every minute at the fixed or irregular interval of time. It emits moderate eruptions and also creates a range of eruptive elements such as glassy lava, lava bombs, small lava flows. This type of eruption is not very explosive, but it can still be very risky if the lava flows reach populated region.
  3. Volcanian Eruption: It is a short and explosive eruption of magma that usually contains dacite, rhyolite, and andesite. It may be repetitive and can even last for days, weeks, months, or for years too. Furthermore, it creates powerful explosions in which the material can rise up to many kilometers into the air.
  4. Plinian Eruption: It is the largest and fierce type of volcanic eruption that is caused by the disintegration of gassy magma. It releases powerful energy and can create eruption that can rise to more than 50 km. This type of eruption is the most destructive one and can produce lava bomb miles from the volcano.
  5. Surtseyan Eruption: It is an eruption that mainly takes place due to the magma eruption in rivers, seas, and lakes, etc. It is a violent eruption that is caused when andesitic magma or basaltic comes into contact with surface water.

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Sometimes, geology can be boring as it only involves the theoretical concept, which is enough to puzzle the student's mind to a greater extent. Especially, the topic volcano is one of the elongated themes of geology that is quite difficult to understand. Due to the involvement of complex terminologies and sub-topics, students always wanted to get away from this topic of geology. There are some topics such as types of volcanoes, their formation, and some other related concepts in which most students face problems and they often complain that they cannot learn all the matter of the topic. To make them free from all the problems, EssayCorp offers the best volcanoes assignment help to the students at a very reasonable price. Our team of experts first executes proper research and analysis on the topic and then they execute the task of writing the assignment. Moreover, our team also makes sure that each and every word of a particular assignment must go through all grammatical checks. Our writers are Ph.D. scholars who use the best and most updated referencing techniques. Our professionals offer free Turnitin report with the delivered assignment so that students can make sure the assignment is plagiarism free.

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