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Structural Engineering is a stream of civil engineering that is concerned with the framework and designing of structures so that they remain safe throughout their use. A structural engineer is normally involved in multiple activities like research, planning, constructing, maintaining, designing and rehabilitation etc. of permanent and temporary structures such as towers, bridges, buildings, dams, tunnels, etc. The professionals in this field also consider the aesthetic, technical, economic, environmental, and social aspects of structures. However, students get difficulty while going through this field of engineering as it involves a lot of concepts and converting these theoretical concepts into the practical scenario is a challenging task for them. Students can avail the best structural engineering assignment help by EssayCorp and can get rid of all their problems related to the topic.

Brief Explanation of Structural Engineering Assignment Help Topics

Here is a Brief Explanation of the Topics that are Included in a Structural Engineering Assignment

An Overview of Structural Engineering

Structural engineering is a creative discipline of engineering that contributes significantly to the development of infrastructure, planning of a township or city and development of a residential complex etc. The structural engineering also applies the concept of mathematics and physics to the engineering materials such as stone, steel, glass, timber, etc. The structural design analyzes calculations to make sure that all the parts of a structure have enough strength to handle the load.

structural engineering
responsibilities of structural engineers
Responsibilities of Structural Engineers

Structural engineers play a very important role in any construction process. They are concerned mainly with the designing and physical structure of a project that may be a building, bridge, and tunnel, etc. They perform a wide range of responsibilities with a sole motto to ensure safety and durability of a project. They also use various computer aided software and design (CAD) for the process of simulation. Before getting into the construction, they usually examine the strength of several materials such as timber, steel, brick, concrete, etc. to identify whether these materials are suitable for the structures or not.

Issues Students Face in Structural Engineering Assignment

Students who have undertaken structural engineering are assigned with various assignments to assess their understanding of the topic. However, they face many hindrances while executing the assignments and projects related to structural engineering. Due to a large number of concepts such as advanced structural analysis, stress analysis, the theory of elasticity, the theory of plates, rehabilitation of structures, etc. they find difficult to learn every single concept and as a result, they are not able to deliver a perfect structural engineering assignment. The topic also requires proper time and an extensive research and students are unable to invest their time in the topic as they are indulged in other extracurricular activities too. Due to this, they fail to understand the topic and it results in their deprived grades in the examination. Furthermore, the lengthy structure of the structural engineering assignment also stresses their mind to a great extent. At EssayCorp, students can get the best structural engineering assignment help to achieve good grades in the academics.

Disciplines of Structural Engineering Covered by Our structural Engineering Assignment Help Experts
  • Earthquake Engineering: It is an interdisciplinary branch of structural engineering that analyzes the design of structures to make them earthquake resistant. The main purpose of structural engineers is to construct such structures can resist major earthquake.
  • Façade Engineering: It is an interdisciplinary of engineering that helps to resolve various structural and environmental issues in order to achieve the effective enclosure of the structures. Façade engineers usually consider design and installation of building fronts in regard to the structural safety and security.
  • Fire Engineering: It deals with the concepts of fire protection in regard to determining the effects of fires on the building. Structural engineers construct the buildings in such a manner so that they can bear the load for a reasonable period of time.
  • Roof Engineering: This discipline of structural engineering helps to construct the uppermost part of a building in a way that it provides protection from various natural calamities. To get more information on the concept of roof engineering, our structural engineering assignment help experts are there to assist.
  • Wind Engineering: It is a sub-discipline of structural engineering that helps to determine the effects of the wind on the environment. Structural engineers also study the possible casualties that may result from heavy winds such as hurricane, tornado, and storm.
Software Used in Structural Engineering

Here is the list of software used in structural engineering.

  1. SAP2000 v18: It comprises of the 3D object based modeling features that are widely used by the structural engineers for the static analysis of the structures. It also has a friendly user interface that offers templates for several complicated structures.
  2. STAAD.Pro: The software is widely used by the structural engineers in analyzing the time-dependent effects, like shrinkage or cracking of concrete. It has a very friendly user interface which helps the new user to learn all the functions of the software easily.
  3. RISA-3D: It provides 3D analysis for building common structures such as buildings, bridges, arenas, industrial design, crane rails, etc. The software can be unified with other related products such as RISAConnection, RISAFoundation, and RISAFloor, etc.
  4. Etabs 2013: Etabs 2013 generally help in designing and analyzing the high building systems and large complicated structures. Moreover, several elements such as walls, slabs, beams, can be designed very efficiently by using one single interface.
  5. Dlubal RFEM: It helps in designing various structures such as steel, concrete, aluminum, structures, and other complex structures. For more information on the software, avail our Structural engineering assignment help.
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