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    Solid Modeling Assignment Help in UK, Australia & USA

    Solid Modeling is an interesting topic to undertake and complete, provided students have time and required skills to do complete justice to the task assigned. It requires in-depth knowledge and extensive application of SolidWorks and demands inclusion of a series of concepts that are difficult to understand. It becomes more difficult in case the assignment is set to deliver in a short period of time. But now no worries would disturb you more because EssayCorp brings out the Solid Modeling Assignment Help through its experts only.


    What is Solid Modeling?

    Solid Modeling is a modeling that provides a complete representation of an object through mathematical and computational principles than a wire frame modeling and surface modeling. In this type of modeling, the appearance of an object is displayed in solid design. Adding colors to the images gives the  solid  a realistic view. In this type of modeling, solid models are created and modified very quickly in comparison to other types of modeling.


    Approaches for Solid Modeling:

    Solid Modeling has several approaches for representing or creating a solid model. It mainly includes:


    • Constructive Solid Geometry (CSG) - Constructive Solid Geometry system is also known as ‘Building Block’ approach. The CSG approach allows the designers to construct a model with the use of graphics primitives like cubes, rectangular blocks, pyramids, cylinders, and spheres. The solid graphic primitives are integrated to construct the solid model using Boolean Operations. Union, Intersection, and Difference are the three different Boolean operators used to construct a solid model.


    • Boundary Representation  (B-Reps) -  This approach allows the designer to draw a boundary or an outline of an object in the CRT screen for displaying various views like left side view, top view, and front view. The boundaries of the views are interlinked with edges, faces and vertices.


    • Hybrid Scheme - Hybrid Scheme is the combination of B – Rep and CS G approaches. It rectifies the relative weakness of both the approaches and makes use of their relative benefits. Solid models can be represented either in B – Rep or in CSG approach.

    Solid Modeling Assignment Help



    Other than that it has other approaches too, like

    • Primitive Instancing - Defines a set of 3D solid shapes. Primitive instances are similar to parameterized objects.


    • Spatial Partitioning - As the name  implies meaning  itself, to decompose the spaces into parts. It is also done in 4 different named as Cell Decomposition, Spatial - Occupancy Enumeration, Octrees, Binary Space Partitioning trees.


    • Generalized Sweeps - In sweeping technique, the surface of 2D object is swept into the 3-D space to create the object.  To apply Boolean operations on sweeps is  quite difficult.


    Properties require to present a Solid Model

    • Domain
    • Unambiguity
    • Uniqueness  
    • Accuracy
    • Validness
    • Closure  
    • Compactness and Efficiency


    Applications of Solid Modeling

    Solid modeling is used not only for creating solid models of machine parts, but also for electric circuits, buildings, and even of the human beings. The solid modeling software is being  used for a large variety of applications, here are some of them:

    • Medical Industry - Solid modeling is preferably used  in the medical sectors. Modern imaging scanners are used to create solid models of the internal part of the body. This helps the doctors to see particular tissues of the body. Plus, it is used in designing various medical devices also.
    • Entertainment Industry - In entertainment, this technique is used to create various animated characters and the movies out of them.
    • Engineering Industry - The vast usage of solid modeling is in an engineering field. The engineering design professionals use solid modeling to see the product prototype that how the real product will look.  Even many architects  and civil engineers use this to prepare the model design of the building.


    Advantages of Solid Modeling

    • Complete modeling
    • Unambiguous.
    • Best suitable for calculating mass properties.
    • Very much suitable for automated applications.
    • Fast creation.
    • Gives huge information.


    Disadvantages of Solid Modelling

    • Requires large memory
    • Slow manipulation


    Topics included in Solid Modeling

    Without thinking much you can get the help for any of the topics of Solid Modeling. Just have a look on this small screenshot.

    Solid Model Properties


    Exploded view

    Physical dynamic simulation

    Skeleton modeling

    Advance assembly modeling

    Import and export files

    Engraving & Embossing

    Advance constrained methods

    Dimension the sketches

    Animating presentation

    Consumed vs. unconsumed sketches

    Sketch features

    SolidWorks Simulation

    Solid Modeler Algorithms

    Advanced Drawing

    Creation of detailed drawings

    Visualization in CAID systems


     Extrusion, revolving

    Dimensional tolerances


    Weldment design

    Assembly modeling fundamentals

    Showmotion utility

    Advance modeling tools

    Finite Element Analysis Pro/Mechanica

    Extracting Data from 3-D Models

    Assembly configurations

    Dimension FDM (fused deposition modeling) machine

    Mate & alignment relationship

    Loft, deform, reshape, Reorder

    Wireframe models

    EM simulation

    Assembly modeling algorithms


    If any topic is left then don’t think that we don’t consider that, we cover all the topics which come under this course.

    EssayCorp brings amazing help at your Doorstep

    Now, no student is required to wander  here and there for getting genuine help for Solid Modeling assignment because we bring out the most authentic and affordable help for you only by the experienced professionals. The horizon of our services is unrestrained. We are capable to cater the needs of almost all types of students at any their education level.


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    Our professionals have handled all these following activities smoothly

    • Create fully defined parametric models;
    • Generate multi view drawings with special attention to drafting standards; 
    • Create well constrained assemblies;
    • Perform basic kinematic and dynamic analysis of the 3D solid models.


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