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Segmentation positioning is a strategic technique in the modern marketing which refers to the classification of a diverse market into different groups with similar characteristics of customer's demand and requirements. Generally, there are three stages of marketing model, i.e. segmentation, positioning, targeting that helps a marketer to determine the kinds of customers exist and to position a product or service in the market to get the best output. A large portion of management involves studying the concepts and techniques employed in marketing that really confuses the student's mind as it is not possible to gain knowledge on every concept. Moreover, there are several complicated applications and topic in segmentation positioning that needs a vast experience to grasp efficiently.

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Advantages of Segmentation Positioning

Here are some benefits covered by our segmentation positioning assignment help experts.

  • It is an effective method used to increase the attention of a company on market segments to attain better business.
  • Segmentation and positioning also help the marketers to realize the expectations and requirements of the customers.
  • It also helps in increasing the brand equity, customer's retention, brand recall, and communication, thus affecting the profitability of the firm.
  • When the benefits of a certain product are promoted through advertising, it helps in catching the interest of the buyers.
  • It also helps in improving the competitive strength of an organization as it can react strongly to its competitors.
  • If a company has a market strategy on the basis of geography, then there are possible chances that it can expand to a nearby place.

Our segmentation positioning assignment help experts cover a lot more advantages that can help students in achieving good grades in the assignments.

segmentation positioning assignment help
Implementation of STP (Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning) Model
  1. Segmentation: It is the most important element of STP model that helps to identify the specific needs to find new customers by delivering the relevant marketing information. The several ways to segment the existing markets are as follows:
    • Demographics: This method is used to consider the characteristics of a large number of customers on the basis of age, gender, education, income, residence, and profession.
    • Psychographics: It includes customer's personality which is linked to their lifestyle, hobbies, personality traits, attitudes, leadership qualities, etc. There are different ways to collect the data from customers such as interviews, surveys, and data from an online purchase.
    • Lifestyle: Companies usually target customers on the basis of their lifestyle and hobbies. Some hobbies are quite large and can be targeted very easily such as a baseball fan. For more information on segmentation and its ways, avail segmentation positioning assignment help by EssayCorp.
  2. Targeting: It is the next step that helps in evaluating the attractiveness of each segment. The three strategies that help in selecting a target market are as follows:
    • Undifferentiated Approach: In this type of approach, less competition is there as an individual marketing strategy is used for the entire target market without any classification into several groups.
    • Concentrated Approach: This type of approach usually helps an organization to gain a competitive advantage over its competitors. Our segmenting positioning assignment help experts explain that a particular market segment is targeted by putting the marketing efforts into it.
    • Multi-Segment Approach: In this type of approach, more than two market segments are targeted at one time. It requires a huge amount of management efforts and enhanced promotional strategies.
  3. Positioning: It is the final step in the process of STP model where the management needs to develop a brand image of their products and services. Companies must advertise and promote their products as it will help in increasing positive perception among customers. If the segmentation and targeting methods are done perfectly, then product positioning will not be a problem for any company.
Reasons Why Students Face Difficulties in Writing Segmentation Positioning Assignment

There are a huge number of students who face difficulties while executing their assignments and projects related to segmentation positioning. It has been observed that students do not have adequate knowledge of the concepts of marketing management and as a result, they are unable to perform well in the examination. Moreover, several market segments are quite similar to each other and thus it creates a problematic situation for the students to understand it properly. The nature of the topic is also vast and thus it needs a lot of research which is a time-consuming task for students as they are indulged in other courses too. Not only this, they also get perplexed in deciding which marketing mix would be good for a specific market segment. These hindrances really create a drastic effect on a student's academic life and thus they look for segmentation positioning assignment help from EssayCorp.

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