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    Retail Banking Assignment Help

    Retail banking is the branch of bank that deals directly with the customers. Also known as consumer banking or retail banking, it a banking is the face of the bank that is shown to the general pubIic in the form of bank branches. Customer deposits are generated in the bank due to retail banking, and it represent a vital source of funding of the bank.

    There are a wide variety of products and services under retail banking, a few being:

    • Checking accounts- it is a form of current account, and customers are generally charged a monthly fee to operate them.
    • Savings accounts- these accounts offer a slightly higher rate of interest, but cannot have checks written on them.
    • Mortgages on properties, both residential and investment.
    • Loan facility
    • Credit card facility
    • Foreign currency and remittance services.
    • Insurance and wealth management facility.

    Although brick-and-mortar bank branches are still necessary to execute the sense of solidity and stability to customers, the role of retail banking cannot be ignored. The role has been proliferated further by the advancement of technology which has resulted in the introduction of ATMs, online and telephone banking.

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