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It is a form of marketing which focuses on the long-term relationship with customers through better services and good communication for enhancing the overall sales of the company. The aim of the company is to develop a strong emotional bond with the customers through multiple channels. EssayCorp is a pioneer in the world of relationship marketing assignment help solutions as it has supported a myriad of students from different institutes in the US, UK and Australia.

For every organisation to operate successfully, there is the need to generate loyalty from customers on a long term basis. In present day scenario, the customers have enormous options to choose from the market and there is an easy availability of information through the internet. Therefore, relationship marketing becomes an important aspect of the marketing strategy for a firm. So, various courses related to marketing and management have assignments based on relationship marketing in their curriculum. The students can take our support for the completion of these homeworks on relationship marketing.

Approaches to Relationship Marketing

A brief explanation of the two major approaches to relationship marketing.


The objective of relationship marketing is not to promote sales, but it takes a different approach to ensure the holistic success of the organisation. One of the approaches that is adopted in relationship marketing is the satisfaction of the consumer with the product that the company offers for sale. This method ensures that the customer remains loyal to the product of the company for a long-term. Compared to direct marketing, relationship marketing has a much-limited means of generating new leads, but it has a much larger target audience, relevancy to the customer, etc.


Ensuring that the customers are retained through multiple strategies becomes an essential part of relationship marketing which increases the profit and helps the company to meet the goals. Retention helps the company to capitalize on the already established market and thus reduce some cost. It is a way of providing goods and service of a better quality than the competitor to lure the customers back to your product. To get detailed information on the various retention strategy and technique, seek the assistance of our writers in the relationship marketing assignment help.

Our Writers Explain the Six Markets Model in Relationship Marketing Assignment Help

This helps the organization to grow and sustain its growth. In order to stay in the market, the organization has to analyse the stakeholders and the different markets that affect the company. By doing the analysis, opportunities in the market can be recognized. Below are brief descriptions of the six markets that affect relationship marketing.

  • Customer market - This should be the primary focus of any business; the players in this market consist of retailers, consumers, intermediaries, and buyers. Since the consumers are the final recipients of the product, that makes this market one of the most important for any company. Creating a loyal consumer base is the ultimate goal of any organization. Our writers in our relationship marketing assignment help provide the best help with the assignments and homework related to this company.
  • Influence market - This type of market involves the stakeholders and the third party as well. It is a known fact in the realm of marketing that a satisfied customer tells ten people about the good in your product, but a disgruntled customer badmouths hundred people about your product. Influence market involves the customer who has purchased your product; they may refer the product to their family, friends, etc. It also includes press reporters, retailers, suppliers, etc. who promote your product.
  • Referral market - It is the market where the consumer buys a particular product of a specific company on the recommendations received from their friends and family members. This type of marketing is most common in the service industry because of the ‘Word of mouth’; which is more conducive in the case of services than goods.
  • Supplier market - Having a good relationship with the suppliers is important for a business as they provide the company with the raw materials with which they produce the final product. Our writers in the relationship marketing assignment help provide all the necessary information with examples so you achieve the best grade.
  • Employee market - It helps the organization to retain the right people who are beneficial for the organization. The employees should possess a number of talents that sync with the goal and ethics of the organization.
  • Internal market - In an organization the relationship between the employee, suppliers, and customers should be in perfect harmony. This helps in the growth of the organization. These are the six markets that affect the relationship marketing. For a more elaborate explanation with examples and case study, seek the help of our relationship marketing assignment help service.
Problem Faced By Students With Relationship Marketing Assignments

The primary problem that any student has with the assignment in this subject is the length of the assignment (word count). Being a theoretical subject, the assignments require the word count to be somewhere between 1500 – 2000 words. The other problems include things like, inadequate or lack of conceptual knowledge to effectively execute the task of writing the assignment. The amount of information available on the internet also gets the student riled up. They get confused as to which information to utilize and which to discard. Given the importance of assignments, it is absolutely pivotal that a student aces in the assignment. Therefore, we recommend to utilize our relationship marketing assignment help for a perfect assignment that is sure to get you that high grade.

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