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Rationalism is defined as the notion of explaining an event through reason and logical justification. It regards reason as the chief source of explanation for the occurrences that happen around us. There is always a reason behind things, and this is what forms the basis of rationalism. Rationalism provides proofs and reasons on the basis of which a theory stands. In today's world, where everything is run by science, and scientific reasons explain everything, rationalism has an extremely vast scope and can't be confined to some lone features. This property makes it a complex subject for the students to handle. This becomes all the more demanding when it comes in the form of a time bound assignment.

Rationalism Assignment Help

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Rationalism- The Basics Of Philosophy

Philosophy, derived from Greek for " love of knowledge", is a wide subject to study and it requires grappling with questions that have occupied the mankind since centuries. Philosophy teaches individual skills for a lifetime like the ability to think and write, highlight theories presumed or challenge any orthodox, explain composite ideas clearly and see things in broader contexts. Philosophy has many sub-branches of study namely ethics, logic, political, metaphysics, and epistemology.

Rationalism concerns with the mathematical concepts in philosophy and it has gathered more importance since the early 17th century. It basically is a set of views that accentuates the role of reason or introspection rather than our actual senses. Rationalists like Descartes, Leibniz, and Spinoza are the epitomes who have introduced mathematics in philosophy and have successfully come up with theories on how our mind and external word interacts and is usually referred to as "continental rationalism".

Rationalism Assignment
Rationalism Assignment Help

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