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    Proofreading Services

    Every student, researcher and author wants to ensure that his written piece is free of errors and silly mistakes. Very often, proofreading is done by some friend or colleague but the written material still comprises of several errors as the proofreaders are not professionals.

    So, the students can take the professional support of EssayCorp which is premier company providing academic proofreading services to myriad of students and writers across the globe.

    Why Proofreading is Important?

    An author of a written piece like essay, thesis or some assignment commits mistakes most of the time while preparing the final document. These errors are often neglected by the author himself while writing process.

    So, proofreading acts a savior to ensure that final written piece is of top notch quality without any errors.

    How EssayCorp can help?

    We have robust proofreading software for screening of the document for the first time which is followed by manual checking of expert proofreaders. We have hired numerous proficient writers which are highly qualified in English language. Also, they are well versed in proofreading and editing with approximately five years of experience. Countries like U.S., UK and Australia have different spellings for different words. We have separate proofreaders for clients of each of these countries.

    Also, the document is again scanned by another expert after proofreading to ensure that it is free of any grammatical or related error.

    Major Proofreading Processes from EssayCorp:

    We have different levels of proofreading for the written documents which include:

    • Various elements associated with written documents like headings, sub-headings, page numbers and bullet points etc are formatted as per the requirements.
    • Sentences with weak or improper structures are rephrases for better final quality.
    • Grammatical and spelling errors are analyzed and corrected for every word.
    • Punctuation errors are examined and corrected.
    • Elimination of unnecessary words which make the document bland.

    What Documents Do We Proofread?

    We have done proofreading of multiple types of written forms which include:

    1. Thesis/Dissertation
    2. All types of essays
    3. Research Papers
    4. Case studies
    5. Assignments from multiple subjects
    6. Short stories and novels
    7. Non-fiction books
    8. Business related written material
    9. Pamphlets and promotional material

    So, in order to secure best score in the assignment, students can use our proofreading services. Also, book authors can enhance their written material by taking our support before getting the books published.

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