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Paleontology is the study of science that deals with the fossils of plants, animals, fungi, and bacteria to determine their evolution and interactions with each other. There is a consensus among students that nothing is more difficult than studying paleontology. There are various such subjects which become a headache for the students. The pain is multiplied when teachers expect fine quality assignment or homework writing of paleontology in a definite amount of time and not only this, they require the assignments which fulfill all the instructions or university guidelines. Moreover, the aspect of paleontology includes a lot of sub-disciplines that creates a troublesome task for the students to understand all the topics carefully. Hence, EssayCorp provides the best paleontology assignment help to all the students in a more qualitative manner.

What does Paleontology mean?

Paleontology is the study of primordial life. Being divided into sub-categories like paleobotany and biostratigraphy, it is a very vast subject. It includes studying the history of the earth, its environment, the organisms that lived here, the process of their evolution and their interactions with other species. Thus, paleontologists are concerned with the process of human evolution and the effects of the environment on their development.

Paleontology is a multidisciplinary course and uses the fundamentals of both geology and biology as a base of study. Paleontologists also use different sciences to make the process easier. Thus, paleontologists need to have a fair knowledge of ecology to read fossils. The knowledge of chemistry is equally important to uncover the state of fossils or rocks, which helps in determining the environment of the earth at a certain period of time. However, the fossil is a most important concept that plays a major role in defining the concept of planetology. It is the remains of plants and animals of past that has been preserved in earth’s crust. There are two forms of fossil found in nature, i.e. body fossil and trace fossil. The body fossil is comprised of the dead remains of plants and animals that are from prehistoric times. Some examples of body fossil are skeletal, eggs, bones, and teeth. Whereas, the trace fossil includes activities of various organisms that existed a million of years ago. Some examples of trace fossil are egg shell, tooth marks, and tracks.

paleontology assignment help
Sub-Disciplines of Paleontology Covered by Our Experts
  1. Micropaleontology: It is the largest discipline of planetology that studies microscopic fossils that can only be seen with the help of a microscope. It involves a consecutive range of size of microscopic fossil that needs to be magnified multiple times for viewing.
  2. Paleobotany: It is a field of paleontology that deals with the study of plants and their evolutionary history. The main purpose of paleobotany is to reconstruct the entire fossil plants and also helps to see the relationship between different organisms.
  3. Palynology: It is concerned with the study of micro-organic materials such as plant pollen, spores, and various microscopic plankton organisms. Many palynologists use fossil pollen and spores to study the past environments and paleontology.
  4. Invertebrate Paleontology: It deals with the study of body fossils of invertebrate animals of diverse taxonomic groups such as corals, brachiopods, insects, trilobites, and millipedes, etc.
  5. Vertebrate Paleontology: It deals with the study of the remains of the vertebrate animals and their behavior as well as appearance. Some examples of vertebrate paleontology are fish, amphibians, and reptiles etc.
  6. Human Paleontology: It is the study of prehistoric human and their fossils. Various paleontologists deal with the characteristics and the evolution of humans as organisms.
  7. Taphonomy: It is defined as the process that happens to the organism after its death. The process includes burial, decay, and the preservation that affects plants and animals as they become fossilized.
  8. Ichnology: It is the study of the traces of plants and animals and their relationships to the specific environment. Moreover, it deals with the tracks, burrows, footprints, and other traces as the evidence of activities of organisms.
Difficulties where students seek paleontology assignment help

Paleontology is not at all simple as it looks. It does require a lot of efforts in studying all concepts and sub-disciplines related to it. Some of the difficulties faced by students are listed below:

  • Apart from paleontology, students need to study various other subjects such as ecology, genetics, and evolutionary biology. And as a result, lack of knowledge on these additional fields of study makes it difficult for them to execute assignments on the topics associated with other subjects.
  • Some students do not have an interest in doing field work and exploring various places to discover fossils. This also creates a lot of difficulties for students in understanding the concept properly.
  • Students must ensure that they are emotionally stable as the concept of paleontology requires a long time and to become an expertise in it, patience is the key.
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