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An object oriented programming is a type of software programming in which a programmer defines the type of functions or operations that can only be applied to the data structure. It helps the programmers to manage the complexity of software when used to maintain a lot of applications and data structures. However, students face a lot of difficulty in executing the assignments and projects related to object oriented programming. Sometimes they fail to implement the proper logic and syntax in executing a small programme code and it results in their deprived grades in the examination. Moreover, it is not possible for the students to become experts in all the programming languages as they always prefer a specific language and if they are assigned with an assignment on some other language, they do not feel comfortable. Therefore, EssayCorp offers the best object oriented programming assignment help to all the students before the deadline.

Some Popular Languages in Object Oriented Programming

According to the standard definition, it is a concept which implements the "objects", which are the data structures that contain the data in the form of fields and methods, known as code. To perform the desired functionalities, objects are used that interact with another. Some of the popular programming languages used in object-oriented programming are as follows:

  • Java : Java is a high-level object-orientated programming language, which is used to make applications that are capable of running on a single computer or a computer setup. It also enables the programmers to execute computer instructions by using English-based commands instead of numeric codes.
  • Python : It is an object-oriented programming language that allows the programmers to solve coding problems in a more efficient way. Moreover, it is combined with dynamic typing and binding that helps in reducing the cost of program maintenance.
  • PHP : Stands for Hypertext Pre-Processor and is a server side scripting language as it runs on a server.It is used to establish communication between the client side and the server side. Php is used to generate dynamic web-pages, read, write, and store the from data onto the server. Php runs on various platforms like windows, linux, unix,etc. Php is open-source language and user can run a Php script by using WAMP, XAMP and other servers.
  • Ruby : It is a web application framework that is specifically designed for creating a custom web application, getting relevant information from the server, and accessing databases.
objec oriented programing assignment help
Concepts of Object Oriented Programming Covered By Our Experts
  1. Objects and Classes: Object is the smallest unit of object oriented programming language, which includes data and methods and it is the instance of the class, whereas "Class is the collection of objects" and it is composed of three things include a name, attributes, and operations.
  2. Abstraction: Abstraction refers to showing only the essential features of the application and hiding the details. In C++, classes provide methods to the outside world to access & use the data variables, but the variables are hidden from direct access.
  3. Encapsulation: Encapsulation helps in binding the data member as well as data function and represents them into a single component. It can also be said as data binding. It is all about binding the data variables and functions together in class.
  4. Inheritance: It is a way to reuse once written code again and again. The class which is inherited is called base calls & the class which inherits is called derived class. So when a derived class inherits a base class, the derived class can use all the functions which are defined in the base class, hence making the code reusable.
  5. Polymorphism: In simple terms, when a single thing is used in many forms it is called "Polymorphism". It makes the code more readable. It is a feature which is created for the functions with the same name but different arguments, which will perform differently.
  6. Overloading: Overloading is a part of polymorphism where a function or operator is made & defined many times to perform different functions they are said to be overloaded.
  7. Exception Handling: Exception handling is a feature of OOP that helps in handling unresolved exceptions or errors produced at runtime.
Problems Faced By Students in Object-Oriented Programming

There are several difficulties that are faced by the students in object oriented programming as it is not an easy task to understand it properly. As they get a lot of errors while executing a specific program, as a result things become a burden when they fail to achieve good results. Moreover, assigning programming related tasks to the students require a great effort and time as it includes a lot of programming languages and getting information on these concepts is also necessary to generate the exact output that is asked by the tutor. EssayCorp has a group of skilled experts so that students can get rid of all their coding problems of object-oriented programming. Our professionals also hold years of experience in the programming languages and have lots of practical skills that help in getting the assignment done before the deadline. Besides it, our writers provide good quality content with detailed research on the given topic that ensures the students achieve superb grades in their academics.

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