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    Network Model Assignment Help

    In today’s growing competition, each and every student is running out of their zone to make their task perfect, even they do not belong to. Assignments of perfect quality have become mandatory, if they wish for getting high scores and for that they have to work equally for all the subjects, but that becomes impossible sometimes. Due to various constraints, might be urgent deadline, high level of difficulty or heedlessness.

    What does Network Model mean?

    The network model was developed by Charles Bachman. Network Models are basically database models that are used to represent objects and their relationships to each other in a flexible manner. A generalized graph structure is formed allowing each record to have several parent and child record which form a network model. The schema in network model, which is seen as an arc, is not limited to being a lattice.

    Hence, network model allows a natural way of modeling of relationships between different entities, which is as opposed to the hierarchic model. In spite of the advantages of network model, it is not widely used because IBM uses the hierarchic model in their products such as IMS and DL/I. In fact, relational model replaced the network model since it has a higher level of declarative interface. The network model is used in some popular database systems such as, IDS or Integrated Data Store, IDMS or Integrated Database Management System, RDM Server, RDM Embedded, Univac DMS-1100 and Turbo IMAGE, etc.

    This discipline constitutes some advantages and disadvantages. Let’s sum up in a brief manner.

    Its benefits:

    • It has the simplest concept which makes the implementation effortless.
    • It has the ability to manage various relationship types like one-to-one, one-to- many, and many-to- many.
    • It is beneficial because it is easier to access the data because the data it has is simpler than the hierarchical model.
    • One of the most important benefits of Network Model is “Data Integrity” because there is always a connection between the parent and the child segments because it depends on the parent-child relationship.
    • Data Independence is better in network models as compared to the hierarchical models.

    Coming to its drawbacks, it includes:

    • It makes the system complex because each and every record is maintained with the help of pointers, which makes the database structure more complex.
    • Due to excessive pointer usage, it creates functional flaws.
    • Lack of Structural Independence: A change in structure demands a change in the application as well, which leads to lack of structural independence.

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