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The rationale of a narrative essay is to explain something. Many students confuse it with writing narrative reports with the view that these are college essays or papers. A high-quality narrative report should not only summarize all the events happened but also it should deliver the exact data along with the fact sheets in narrative synthesis tables.

A good narrative report should draw the attention of the readers. This report should be a description of some invention or biographies or history about few important incidents or may be about some renowned personalities. If you are going to explain about a book or a novel, it should encompass a broad outline. It must clearly explain about the characters in the novels and their roles, plots and various scenes too. Each and every event in the book must be converted into text, elucidated, and criticized. An effective narrative essay requires good grammar skills.

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Essentials of An Efficient Narrative Essay

These five things must be kept in mind by the student in order to produce an effective narrative essay. They are the fundamentals and must be followed.

  • Conflict – A narrative essay must contain a point of conflict between the characters or simply as a circumstance in the building of the story. This conflict will be built on as the story progresses and finally at the end you resolve this conflict.
  • Structure – The structure of the story is also a very important aspect as not all stories are narrated in the order they occur. Some stories start with the end being narrated at the inception of the story and vice versa. Therefore, the structure of a story is also an important aspect.
  • Pace – If your story is very slow paced, then it is most likely to bore the reader and he may choose to skip over portions or keep aside your narrative essay altogether. These days people like to read fast and want the end result faster. Therefore, a writer must curate the pace of his essay keeping in mind the preference of the audience.
  • Style – The platform of the essay is set, the next thing that a writer would need to decide on is the style of writing like – would the narration be in first person or the third person, the choice of verb, the voice, etc.
  • Ideology – All the narration or any story is based on some ideology or the message that the writer wants to impart through the story. This is a very important element because all your other elements would revolve around this.
How to Write a Good Narrative Essay

There are a few things that a student must keep in mind before writing a narrative essay. The process of writing a narrative essay requires a considerable amount of time and dedication. It's not a task to be rushed. Following are a few things to keep in mind before writing a good narrative essay.

  • Choosing the topic – There are several topics that one can choose from, but it is paramount that the topic somehow touches the writer personally and he or she is passionate about writing on it.
  • Plan the writing process – It is a very good practice to set up an outline for the writing process. This will help you write in the right direction and meet the time frame provided.
  • Multiple drafts – After the writing process is done the student must formulate multiple drafts of the written piece as it will help eliminate any mistakes missed earlier or any changes that need be.
  • Spelling and grammatical errors – A piece that is rigged with grammatical error creates a very bad impression on the reader and also reduces your grade. Therefore, the mistakes should be rectified.
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Things to Avoid In a Narrative Essay

Students often make mistakes that turn their potential narrative essay into something it was not intended to be. These few things must be avoided at all cost in order to produce an effective narrative essay.

  1. Typos – These can truly ruin or even alter what the writer is actually trying to convey. A typo is an error that is made during typing of the essay.
  2. Plagiarism – Those days are the days of the past when a student could submit plagiarized content and the evaluator was oblivious to it. These days almost all the universities use software that can detect plagiarized content.
  3. Spell checking software – A student must avoid using a spell checker while performing the proofreading process. As these software can be very unreliable and would not provide an adept work that a human can.
  4. Format – The prescribed format by the teacher must be followed at all cost, whether the student agrees with it or not, as he or she will be evaluating your work.

Problems Faced By Students In Narrative Essay

Among the many problems that a student can face while writing a narrative essay is the problem of the essay being too long and at times quite cumbersome. The students run out of words while trying to write the essay. The initial idea might not seem as appealing as it first did when the student started writing the essay. The student might come to the realization that it is impossible to complete the project and give up altogether. Therefore, we at EssayCorp understand all these problems and provide the narrative essay for a price that is unmatched with our quality.

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