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An integumentary system is the most crucial aspect of life science that consists of body organs such as nails, hair, skin and its related derivatives (sweat and oil glands). The system can also be defined as an alternative name for skin, which covers the outer surface of the body, i.e. the inner membrane of eyelids, nostrils, lip skin, and other body openings. In academic studies, this concept of life science is quite interesting and loved by a large number of students. However, some students face a lot of difficulties in this concept as it includes a lot of terminologies and illustrations that confuse their minds to a greater extent. As a result, students are not able to understand the concept and it results in their poor scores in the academics.
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Brief Explanation of Integumentary System Assignment Help

Here are Some Explanations of Functions that are Included in an Integumentary System Assignment Help

Functions of Integumentary System

The integumentary system acts as a protective barrier for our body that defends us from the natural elements such as water, wind, and harmful UV rays of sunlight. Apart from this, it also prevents dehydration and helps in maintaining the standard body temperature. The system helps to keep out the lethal microorganisms that could result in illness and other diseases.

integumentary system assignment help
Sensory function
Sensory Function:

An integumentary system is a sense organ contains specific sensory nerve structures that the body used to feel and detect the touch, temperature, and pain, etc. Furthermore, these sensory nerves connected to each hair follicle and temperature receptors are present throughout the overall skin that helps us to sense our surroundings and react accordingly.


The integumentary system helps to regulate body temperature with the help of sympathetic and sensitive nervous system. The main purpose of the nervous system is to analyze the body temperature and initiate proper response accordingly. The body has necessary sweat glands that allow the skin to secrete water, salt, and other substances to cool down the overall temperature of the body. However, if the body becomes too warm, then these sweat glands stimulate the nervous system to produce a large amount of sweat.

Vitamin D synthesis
Vitamin D Synthesis:

The outermost layer of the skin helps in synthesizing the vitamin D once it is exposed to UV radiation. Vitamin D plays an important role in our body as it helps in absorbing calcium and phosphorus that are necessary for healthy bones. But, the lack of vitamin D in the body can lead to some painful conditions, called rickets and osteomalacia in human beings. In addition to the bone health, it is also essential in building immunity to fight against bacterial infections.

Structure of Integumentary Systems
  1. Skin: Skin is the largest organ in the human body that consists of three layers. These layers are as follows:
    • Epidermis: It is the outermost layer of human skin, which contains a huge number of epithelial cells, includes melanocytes, keratinocytes, and Langerhans cells. These cells help in protecting the body from skin pigmentation, foreign elements, and other forms of infections too.
    • Dermis: This layer of the skin contains sweat glands are responsible for the excretion of water, sweat and other waste products. These glands also help to cool down the body and maintaining a thermal regulation.
    • Subcutaneous: It is the last layer of the human skin, which comprises of adoptive tissue that provides moderation of the organs under the skin. Like dermis, it also helps in regulating the body temperature and maintaining an environment required for the proper functioning of the body.
  2. Hair: This part of an integumentary system is responsible for the protection that helps to keep your hair moist. Hair also regulates thermal protection, which is required for the maintenance of a stable internal environment. Furthermore, it also gives a well-defined look to the overall personality of an individual.
  3. Nails: Nails are composed of a protein called keratin, which helps in making and defining their shape and structure. Nails help to give you a more stylish look and are also very useful in day to day activities too.
  4. Glands: Sweat glands play a major role in describing the function of an integumentary system. They are categorized into two different types, eccrine and apocrine glands. Eccrine glands are present on forehead, feet, and palms that are mostly composed of water. Whereas, apocrine glands also help in releasing sweat as they are present on armpits and pubic regions.
Issues Faced by Students in an Integumentary System Assignment Help

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