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    HTML Assignment Help

    When you connect with several programming languages, you find some of them complex and some of them easy. With easy fundamentals and amazing interface ability, one of the most prominent languages emerges out with great features and that is “HTML”. Although it is not a typical programming language, it is simply a markup language. To know more, lets’s give a quick view of better knowledge.

    A Short Note on HTML Introduction

    What is HTML?

    HTML stands for HYPERTEXT MARKUP LANGUAGE. It is a markup language which is used to create web pages for websites. This language is based on an existing, international formatting standard SGML, Standard Generalized Mark-Up Language, which is used for text processing. In simple terms, HTML is a simplified version of SGML.

    The main purpose of HTML is just to display the text on a World Wide Web browser page and this web browser implements the written text and images for the users.

    Main Features of HTML

    • In HTML, the text is written in tags.
    • It includes various “Tags” which are known as elements.
    • Each HTML tag has its own property.
    • Tags are represented with angular brackets, and the closing tag begins with a forward slash.
    • It is not a case-sensitive language.
    • It requires no logical implementation.
    • It can easily embed scripts within the document.

    It's Basic Elements and Attributes

    Heading Tags-Used to display the content in heading. There are different sizes of heading tags.

    Paragraph Tag - To structure the text into different paragraphs.

    Line Break Tag - Using this tag, a user can start from the next line. Opening and closing tags are not required.

    Centering Content Tag -It used to place content in the center.

    Horizontal Line Tag -This tag creates a horizontal line from the current position in the document.

    Bold Tag-This tag is used to bold the particular text.

    Comment Tag - It is used to mention comment.

    Apart from these, Link Tag, Image Tag, List Tag also takes place.

    Know The New Elements of Latest Version HTML 5

    The most interesting new elements are:

    • New graphic elements and
    • New multimedia elements
    • New form control attributes like number, date, time, calendar, and range
    • New semantic elements like header,footer,article,and section

    Why is HTML Still Used?

    • To know about various HTML elements like div, paragraph, table, list, images, videos
    • To understand different types of text formatting.
    • To include different types of media elements like images, videos etc in a web page.
    • To add interactivity to a web page to make it responsive and offer a unique experience to visitors.
    • Getting information from users using a webform.
    • Application of iframes and advanced controls.
    • Application of script tags to add additional features.
    • Implements the use of advanced style sheets.
    • Incorporation of server side techniques (PHP, asp, jsp)
    • E-Commerce Websites Development - At EssayCorp, you are not bound to make web applications only through HTML, here you can get your all types of web app based on various languages. Nowadays, universities give assignments on E-commerce websites, but some students find it complex as they are not well aware of some technical tools like JOOMLA, MAGENTO, DOT.NET etc. But here this problem gets easily solved.

    We are not only backed by HTML experts, but we also have varied programming experts who are pro in developing the e-commerce website. They have hands-on experience in developing websites by using these below-mentioned languages.

    • Joomla - Joomla is a free and open source CMS (Content Management System) which allows users to build websites and online web applications. It integrates PHP language, Object Oriented Programming, Software design Patterns and MySQL (for storing the data). The Joomla Web CMS is considered to be a popular choice as it allows developers to easily build Data Reporting Tools, Reservation Systems, Communication Tools, Complex Business Directories, Custom Product Catalogs and the most Integrated e-commerce portals.

    Since Joomla is based on PHP and MySql concepts, it generates a powerful application that anyone can support and share.

    • Magento - Magento is a substantial e-commerce platform that is built on open source technology. It provides a flexible shopping cart to web traders. Moreover, it has the control over the GUI including (look, content and functionality) of an online store. Indeed, it is one of the best e-commerce platform available in today’s times because it is easy to install, offers flexible and scalable e-commerce solutions, provides more than 50 payment gateways and it is cost effective and sensitive program.
    • Dot.Net - It would not be wrong to state that has become a boon for developers. The world of computing has been chaotic as it could not find that platform which can serve interoperability function. But supporting this great feature, one of the best technologies, DotNet came into the existence.

    The .Net framework is a computing platform developed by Microsft that constitutes application development in the highly distributed environment of the internet. It is more than a development platform, but it is designed for this purpose specifically.

    HTML Assignments Help By Our Experts - Get Now

    To relieve you from writing codes of HTML, EssayCorp brings an excellent assistance through our HTML experts. Though it is not so difficult, but whosoever finds it difficult may acquire professional help. No matter you have theoretical questions to do or website creation project, here you find everything sorted in the desired way. Along with having knowledge of HTML, they are experienced too. They are ready to fulfill all the requisites of all levels, schools, colleges and even universities. The best part is that they always keep updating themselves with latest updates.

    Recently Done Assignments By Our Experts

    • Different types of text formatting, bold, italic, underline, checked.
    • How to include images, videos, embed in a web page.
    • Designing of a web page - the concept of page layout.
    • Prepare web forms with a text field, password field, input list, selection list, file attachments, hidden field.
    • Make iframes, the size of iframes, controls of iframes.
    • Web Page creation with advanced concepts of CSS.
    • Creation of e-commerce website.

    If you have any sort of project regarding website creation, then without any hassle just send to us.

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