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Fluid dynamics is the branch of physics, which studies the fluids i.e., plasmas, liquids, and gasses that are both active and inactive and various forces acting on them. These are the elements that are persistently in the case of sheer anxiety. They transact with laminar discharge, turbulent outflow, borderline glitches and inner discharge of the fluids. It does not only has its application in flow intention, but also mechanical apparatus like power steering, disc brakes, lifting systems, cranes, damns and ship that has led to accepting of buoyancy and body constancy. In short, fluid can be liquid or gas and when they are in motion, it becomes fluid mechanics.

fluid mechanics assignment help

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Main Branches of Fluid Mechanics

There are two main branches of fluid mechanics listed below.

  • Fluid Statics or Hydrostatics – This branch of fluid mechanics states whether the science of liquid and gasses are at rest or in stable equilibrium. The main equation required for this branch is the Newton's second law for non-accelerating bodies. Moreover, it also provides an explanation for everyday phenomena such as the reason behind the flowing of wood and oil on water, or why water surface is flat and horizontal etc.
  • Fluid Dynamics - Fluid Dynamics is the study of fluids that are in a flow or motion. The main equation required for this is Newton's second law of accelerating bodies. This branch of fluid mechanics has a wide range of applications that include calculation of force on an aircraft, determine the flow of petroleum through pipelines, or evolving weather patterns etc.
Various areas of applications of Fluid mechanics

Fluid mechanics is used in a wide range of applications, often playing a pivotal, without which, these applications will just cease to exist. Some of the areas of application of Fluid mechanics are listed below:

  • Weather forecasting: Weather forecasting is usually defined as an application of science to depict atmospheric changes of a location. Researchers use the equations of fluid mechanics to estimate the state of liquid at some time.
  • Hydraulic machines: The hydraulic machines deal with the application of liquids and fluids. As fluid mechanics provide the theoretical foundation for hydraulics that focuses on the use of fluid properties.
  • Automobiles: In the automobiles industry, fluid mechanics determine the motion of air, especially when it interacts with a solid object.
  • Refrigerators and Air Conditioners: The process of fluid mechanics is widely used in the cooling aspect of refrigerators and air conditioners. As it is driven by many applications such as heat, electricity, magnetism, and laser etc.
  • Renewable Energy Source: Several renewable energy sources such as windmills and turbines use the concept of aerodynamics, which is a branch of fluid mechanics. These devices convert the kinetic energy into electric power. Avail our fluid mechanics assignment help to score better grades.
Various areas of applications of Fluid mechanics
List of software used in fluid mechanics

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  1. OpenFOAM: It stands for open source field operation and manipulation, which is used for the development of numerical solvers, and offers the solution for continuum mechanics problems that include computational fluid dynamics.
  2. SimScale: It is computer software and allows simulations for structural, fluids, and particles etc. It is totally based on cloud computing that uses open source codes for computational fluid dynamics.
  3. SU2: It is an open source software tool that is used for the partial differential equation and performing constrained optimization. The primary applications of this software are computational fluid dynamics and aerodynamics.
  4. GAMBIT: It is connected with the ANSYS systems for computational fluid dynamics. It is also used for setting up different parameters of fluid flow.
  5. Femap: It is integrated computer software that is specifically used for simulation and modeling and their analysis related to flow, thermal, and fluid dynamics etc.
  6. Elmer: It is multi-physical simulation software that includes physical models of fluid dynamics, heat transfer, electromagnetics and structural mechanics.

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